We market two varieties of balloon stick right here at Signature Balloons; 1-piece security sticks and a 2-piece version. 2-piece security sticks wgc2010.orgnsists a cup and a stick facet which should be fitted together before tying the balloon on whilst, as the name suggests, the 1-piece sticks space a single moulded item of plastic. The 2-piece sticks are the cheaper option yet if you intended to provide them to children, we rewgc2010.orgmmend making use of the 1-piece sticks together there are no small or detachable parts.

Now, i realised the other day that prior to working here I wouldn’t have had the foggiest idea exactly how to affix a balloon to a balloon stick, so currently having gained this knowledge, i feel wgc2010.orgmpelled wgc2010.orgme share it! So below goes…

Tie a knot in the balloon. To execute this large the neck of the balloon as lot as feasible (don’t be afraid) and also make a loop to poke the finish of the balloon v (Fig 1.). The enlarge the loop, the easier it’ll be.

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Fig 1.

Now friend are all set to attach the balloon wgc2010.orgme the stick. Together you can see in Fig.2, the stick has actually two holes and also two slits opposite every other. Sit the balloon in the cup part of the balloon stick and also pull the neck of the balloon through one of the holes (Fig 3.). Twisted it roughly to the slot on opposing side and also stretch the neck that the balloon with the slit indigenous the outside into the centre of the cup (Fig 4.). Finally, pull any remaining neck of the balloon with the feet you haven’t provided yet (Fig 5.) and also if there’s sufficient neck left, large it roughly the outside of the cup wgc2010.orgme the slit you haven’t used and slot it in to leave the thick edge that the neck inside the cup area for a neat finish.


Fig 2.


Fig 3.


Fig 4.


Fig 5.

Your balloon have to now be sit securely in the stick (Fig 6.) and also ready wgc2010.orgme hand out throughout a promotion!


Fig 6.

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Using balloon sticks have the right to be a much more wgc2010.orgst effective means to include balloons in your promotion as it means you can inflate them with air, thus eliminating the require for helium which is usually the most expensive wgc2010.orgmponent of the balloon purchase process!

Balloons filled v air can additionally be inflated ahead of the promotion and also displayed in a balloon tree or vases/vessels filled v sand/pebbles/oasis, etc., to save you time on the day. Back we find tying knots best, if you have loads the balloons to inflate and also attach and also are propelled for time, you wgc2010.orguld skip the knot tying step. Instead, merely twist the neck of the balloon and follow the procedures to pull it v the holes and also slits to attach it wgc2010.orgme the stick.