Personal hygiene is personal, but I’m beginning to think it should be taught in schools, actually. There are too many stories about people not knowing how to do basic things that keep them from smelling bad and being crusted with filth. Like, how many tutorials have there been in the last two months just on handwashing? It’s a scary, dirty world.

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This story from TikTok user
charsghost is an example of one of the most common offenders: straight dudes who won’t touch their butt. In it, she tells a story about taking a shower with her boyfriend and finding out that because no one ever told him to wash his butt crack, he assumed he didn’t have to.

charsghostthjs story hurts me ##fyp ##exboyfriend ##shower ##butwhy♬ original sound – charsghost

She says to the camera:

One time I was in the shower with my ex-boyfriend and he saw me washing my buttcrack.

And he said, “Why are you washing your buttcrack?”

And I said, “Why wouldn’t I wash my buttcrack?”

And he said, “I didn’t know you were supposed to wash your buttcrack! Are you sure you’re supposed to wash your buttcrack?!”

And I said, “Yeah, you poop out of your butthole, so you need to clean the surrounding areas.”

And he said, “Really? No one ever told me this. Why would this be true? Let me ask the boys in this group chat.”

To which they all responded, “Why haven’t you been cleaning your buttcrack? You’re 24 years of life.”

Honestly, thank goodness the boys in the group chat backed her up on this one, I thought we were about to discover a whole pod of men with filthy butts.

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As someone who is extremely online, I have read all sorts of stories about men who won’t clean their butts. For some, it’s out of inexplicable ignorance, but others think it’s gay to touch your own butthole, or not manly or something. Even for the purposes of removing poop from it. Here are just a few examples of these kinds of stories:


The story from
charsghost has become so popular on TikTok that people are reenacting it, but my favorite use of her sound might be this butthole cleaning dance:

twoguysandadogNew dance challenge? Had to make a dance video to
charsghost acapella buttwashing. Lolz ##foryou ##foryoupage ##fyp ##dance♬ original sound – charsghost

Everyone learn it, and also if your boyfriend doesn’t wash his butt, tell him to learn to wash his butt.