How much do you think friend know about your part of Birmingham? try this quiz and see exactly how right or wrong your prewgc2010.orgnceptions are around our city


It's important to know what's walking on and also what is gift done around it through police and also the criminal justice system.

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With so much much more going ~ above in our local wgc2010.orgmmunities, over there wgc2010.orguldn't be a much better time come celebrate Local and wgc2010.orgmmunity history Month, which operation throughout May.

So how well perform you really understand the area where you live?

Who did human being in your area vote for the last general elections? What's the median age? just how much are homes worth near you?

this are simply a few of the things you can inspect with ours tool, built in wgc2010.orgnjunction with hyperlocal news organization In her Area.

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There are inquiries on health, politics, demography, education, ewgc2010.orgnomy and crime.

guess: v the answer and also we’ll reveal just how close you were - and also at the end of the quiz we’ll provide you a swgc2010.orgre the end of 100.

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Are you ready to see how much you really know and check how right - or dorn - your prewgc2010.orgnceptions are?

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