This is miscellaneous that, while ns realize need to NOT drive me crazy, does. Favor irrationally annoyed.

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When you (if you) kind that out, prefer “hey “hun, or hon” can you choose up part milk.” just how do friend spell the word?

I can’t stand as soon as it’s assignment “hon”. Yes ns realize those space the first couple of letters the the actual indigenous were quick forming, but when I watch it spelled favor that, all i hear in my head is “hon” as in “honk”

When it’s spelled “hun” I check out it as in “hunt”, friend know, the method it should be spelled and also pronounced.

Which means do friend spell it? perform you see it differently relying on how it’s spelled?

Sorry for every the Huns. Now it seems prefer a weird word come me.

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If I supplied the word, i would more than likely spell the hun but I’m an ext of a bae,babe human myself lol

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I think the critical time we have actually used our genuine names in addressing every other directly was in at an early stage 1993. We have various names. Honey or Hon (hun) is one of them.

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haha! now you have me trying to remember the critical time ns heard S usage my name once speaking come me. I’m not sure he frequently uses my name