Our list of the finest quotes indigenous Paul thomas Anderson’s epic period drama which centers on awful oil prospector Daniel Plainview (Daniel Day-Lewis), that goes on a ruthless search to become the most an effective oil tycoon.

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'There space times when I look at people and also I see nothing worth liking.' - Daniel Plainview (There will certainly Be Blood) Click come Tweet

Paul Sunday: We have oil, and it seeps through the ground. Do you want to salary me to understand where the is?Daniel Plainview: Well, just because there’s other on the floor doesn’t typical there’s anything beneath it.Paul Sunday: Why did conventional Oil buy increase land?Daniel Plainview: Is it in California?Paul Sunday: Maybe.Daniel Plainview: how much land did they buy?Paul Sunday: I’d favor it much better if friend didn’t think ns was stupid.


Daniel Plainview: new roads, agriculture, employment, education. This are just a couple of of the points we have the right to offer you. And also I assure you, ladies and gentlemen, that if us do uncover oil here, and also I think there’s a very an excellent chance that we will, this community of yours will certainly not only survive, it will flourish.


Daniel Plainview: I’m walking to bury you underground.


Eli Sunday: You space a stupid man, Abel. You’ve let someone come in here and also walk all over us. Friend let that in and also do his work here, and also you room a stupid male for what we might have had.Abel Sunday: I adhered to His word, Eli. Ns tried.Eli Sunday: friend didn’t carry out anything however sit down. You’re lazy, and also you’re stupid. Execute you think God is walk to conserve you because that being stupid? he doesn’t conserve stupid people, Abel.Eli Sunday: I will tear you apart because that what you’ve done, you stupid man!


Henry: I’m her brother, from one more mother.


Daniel Plainview: ns don’t like to explain myself.


Daniel Plainview: room you envious? execute you obtain envious?Henry: ns don’t think so, no.Daniel Plainview: I have a competition in me. I desire no one else to succeed. I hate most people.Henry: That component of me is gone. Working and also not succeeding, every my failures have actually left me. I just don’t care.Daniel Plainview: Well, if it’s in me, it’s in you.


Daniel Plainview: I want to earn enough money ns can acquire away native everyone.


Daniel Plainview: I see the worst in people, Henry. I don’t should look past seeing them to obtain all ns need. I’ve accumulated my hatreds end the years, little by little. Having you here provides me a 2nd breath the life. Ns can’t keep doing this on my own, through these people.


H.M. Tilford: How’s your boy?Daniel Plainview: thank you for asking.H.M. Tilford: Is over there anything we can do?Daniel Plainview: thanks for asking is enough.


Daniel Plainview: go you just tell me just how to operation my family?H.M. Tilford: It could be more important now that you’ve proven the field, and also we’re giving to buy friend out.Daniel Plainview: One night I’m walk to come to you, within of your house, or wherever you’re sleeping, and also I’m walk to reduced your throat.H.M. Tilford: What? What space you talk about? have actually you gone crazy, Daniel?Daniel Plainview: Did friend hear what i said?H.M. Tilford: i heard what you said. Why did you speak it?Daniel Plainview: girlfriend don’t call me about my son.H.M. Tilford: Why are you exhilaration insane and also threatening to cut my throat?Daniel Plainview: you don’t call me about my son.H.M. Tilford: I’m not informing you anything! I’m asking you to it is in reasonable. If I’ve offended you, ns apologize.Daniel Plainview: You’ll check out what I can do.


Daniel Plainview: What’s this? Why don’t I own this? Why don’t I own this? Al Rose: That’s the Bandy tract. He to be the holdout, once we were doing the buying. He had hoped to speak with you. Can’t girlfriend just construct the pipeline approximately this tract?Daniel Plainview: deserve to I build approximately fifty miles of Tehachapi Mountains? Don’t be thick in former of me, Al.Al Rose: I deserve to go come him again.Daniel Plainview: No, I’ll go and also talk come the man. I’ll speak to him. Show you exactly how it’s done.


Eli Sunday: “I was lost, however now i am found.”Daniel Plainview: i was lost, but now I’m found.Eli Sunday: “I have actually abandoned my child.” say it. Speak it.Daniel Plainview: i abandoned mine child.Eli Sunday: speak it louder. Say it louder!Daniel Plainview: I’ve abandoned my child! I’ve exit my child! I’ve abandoned my boy!Eli Sunday: now beg because that the blood!Daniel Plainview: Just give me the blood, Eli. Let me acquire out that here. Give me the blood, Lord, and also let me obtain away!


Daniel Plainview: You’re no my son.HW’s Interpreter: you re welcome don’t say that. I know you don’t median it.Daniel Plainview: Well, it’s the truth. You’re not my son. You never have actually been. You’re an orphan! go you ever before hear that word? Daniel Plainview: Tell him what ns said. Daniel Plainview: girlfriend operated below today favor one. Ns should have actually seen this coming. I should have actually known that, under this all, these previous years, you’ve been building new hate for me, item by piece. I don’t even know that you are, because you have none that me in you. You’re someone else’s. This anger. Your maliciousness. Backwards dealings through me. You’re one orphan indigenous a basket in the center of the desert. And I took you for no other reason than I required a sweet face to to buy land. Go you acquire that? So now you know.


Daniel Plainview: Look in ~ me! You’re reduced than a bastard. You have actually none the me in you. You’re simply a bastard indigenous a basket. HW’s Interpreter: I thank God I have none of you in me. Daniel Plainview: You’re not my son. Just a small piece that competition. Bastard native a basket. Bastard from a basket! You’re a bastard from a basket!


Eli Sunday: my brother. Daniel, my brother by marriage. We’re together old friends. So lot time. Points go up, things go down, but at the very least the mr is constantly around. We’ve viewed ups and downs, haven’t we?Daniel Plainview: are things down for you appropriate now, Eli?Eli Sunday: No. No.


Daniel Plainview: I’d prefer you come tell me the you space a false prophet. I’d favor you to tell me the you are, and have been a false prophet. And that God is a superstition. Eli Sunday: however that’s a lie. It’s a lie. Ns cannot to speak it.


Eli Sunday: ns am a false prophet! God is a superstition!


Daniel Plainview: since you’re not the preferred brother, Eli. It was Paul that was chosen. He uncovered me and also told me about your land. You’re simply a fool.Eli Sunday: Why room you talking about Paul?Daniel Plainview: ns did what your brother couldn’t.Eli Sunday: Don’t speak this to me.Daniel Plainview: I broke you and also I win you. It was Paul who told me around you. He’s the prophet. He’s the smart one. The knew what to be there, and he uncovered me to take it it the end of the ground. And you know what the funny point is? Listen, listen, listen. I paid him ten thousands dollars cash in hand. Similar to that. He has actually his own firm now. A prosperous tiny business. 3 wells producing, five thousand dollars a week.


Daniel Plainview: prevent crying, friend snivelling a**! prevent your nonsense. You’re just the afterbirth, Eli.Eli Sunday: No.Daniel Plainview: that slithered the end on your mother’s filth.Eli Sunday: No.

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Daniel Plainview: they should’ve placed you in a glass seasoned on the mantelpiece. Wherein were you as soon as Paul was suckling at his mother’s teat? wherein were you? who was education you, negative Eli? one of Bandy’s sows? that land has been had. Nothing you can do about it. It’s gone. It’s had.



'I drink your milkshake! ns drink the up!' - Daniel Plainview (There will certainly Be Blood) Click to Tweet


Daniel Plainview: Drainage! Drainage, Eli, you boy. Drained dry. I’m for this reason sorry. If you have actually a milkshake, and I have a milkshake, and I have actually a straw, there it is. That’s the straw, friend see? clock it. Currently my straw reaches across the room and starts come drink your milkshake. Ns drink her milkshake! ns drink it up!Eli Sunday: Don’t bully me, Daniel!Daniel Plainview: Did friend think your song and dance and your superstition would help you, Eli? ns am the 3rd Revelation! ns am who the Lord has actually chosen!


Eli Sunday: I’m your old friend, Daniel! Daniel Plainview: since I’m no a false prophet!Eli Sunday: help me, please!Daniel Plainview: girlfriend snivelling boy! i am the 3rd Revelation! i am the third Revelation! ns told girlfriend I would eat you!Eli Sunday: We’re family!Daniel Plainview: ns told you I would certainly eat you up!Eli Sunday: We’re brothers! We’re brothers!