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Old ascendancy performs in ~ iheartcountry music festival



Darius Rucker, Little huge Town, Kelsea Ballerini and also many other A-list nation music stars rocked the phase at the 2017 iHeartCountry Music Festival. Return to the open minded Erwin facility in Austin, Texas, our architecture and set Construction groups paired up to execute a rockin’ set for the third year in a row.

The key stage to be sizzlin’ with a turntable wall surface that not only looked great, however was also really practical. The an essential to the success the this present is to keep the acts moving at lightning speed, v minimal time in between each act. Atom Designer Charlie Cook hit the drawing board and also created a design for the turntable wall surface which enabled for simply that. Together the crowd watched the country music superstars, stagehands quickly worked to collection up the following act behind the wall. The turntable wall included video with overlaying aluminum frames which gave a soft look for the cameras, even when there was no video content gift shown. By masking the video clip tiles, Cook’s architecture moved far from the traditional square and rectangle look, and created a stunning, visually appealing look. To lug the country motif come life, a scenic wood grain to be painted on. The iHeartRadio logo design was the focal allude of the turntable wall, built as a glowing lightbox. Aside from the turntable wall, ours teams also decked the end the DJ booth and the VIP area, as well as the graphics for the rail and carpet for the decks.

In all, us were happy to gain down to Austin again for some delicious southerly BBQ and to job-related with our awesome customer and partners: the iHeartRadio team, bright Designer Tom Kenny and his A-class team of programmers, and also DPS. Thanks for one more killer present for the books!

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Year:2017Venue:Frank Erwin CenterAustin, TXDesigner:Charlie Cook, ATOMICServices Provided:Design, collection Construction