Here in the song Element, popular music Smoke Expresses his love for Darkskin Women, and raps about his lavish way of life including; Lamborghini’s,Ferrari’s and Designer Brand Christian… review More 

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I could just hit it raw, host on, that's not my elementI choose dark skins, love her melaninHuh, Christian Louboutin what I'm steppin' inThirty bottles of Azul, tell 'em send 'em inI had actually the Lambo', switch to the 'RariI'm a gangster, yet I favor to partyPop a Perky, walk retardedI'm a Brooklyn nigga, I'm cold-heartedThat's why I like the poor gyal (Woah), prefer RiRi (Wait)Every time she watch me, she wanna eat me (Hold on)I saw choose Justin Bieber, please think meI said, "Wow, I'm on the TV"I can't crap with damaged bitches, they it is in creepyShe it is in actin' up, she always tryna leaving meBut she a negative gyal, and she freakyI have actually her hangin' off the rod choose she MiMiI never ever hit a bitch more than once 'cause they it is in leechesBut she pussy good, the taste like peachesBut she have the right to have it, ns don't need itI'd rather have actually my money eco-friendly like kiwiI don't talk to niggas 'cause they it is in cappin'Disrespect me and also see what happenI don't do a call for war, I begin snappin'Grr, them bullets blastin'All the opps foolish that i lapped themHe said, "What's stackin'?" Nothin' yet my money'Member mine pockets flat? currently they chunkyI ain't a pretty boy, yet I ain't uglyAnd I'll take your bitch in a secondIf she a genuine one, climate I'll defend itTraded the AP, told my jeweler Patek itAnd it's all VVS and flower settings

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I might just hit the raw, host on, that's no my elementI choose dark skins, love her melaninHuh, Christian Louboutin what I'm steppin' inThirty bottles of Azul, call 'em send 'em inI had the Lambo', move to the 'RariI'm a gangster, however I like to partyPop a Perky, go retardedI'm a Brooklyn nigga, I'm cold-heartedYoz, what girlfriend tellin' me?