Love is a funny lil bugger, ain’t it? it dives you into a world of joy and anger, dizziness, bliss and also oh the fantasy that lives in your mind about how it will certainly be as soon as you both space in every others arms. One day.

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Guess what, it’s not today.

You’re married or he’s married, one can, one can’t. Life or jobs. KIDS?! every one of these things space the things that get in the method of you and also your soul mate’s love.

As a tarot reader, I watch this a lot. One instance that keeps rearing the head is people having affairs. There are a many “reasons” that world tell me they’re act this.

They are soul matesHe or she is the love of their lifeThey have to see wherein it goes, etc.

Men, if they space the persons who room married, seldom leave their family members mainly due to finances.Women who space married and having the affair, seldom leave due to the fact that of stability and also or the children.

I love you. But……

You room my spirit mate, but…..


It’s no that easy. We room not 20 years old. It’s not simply our own lives, it’s your whole life unit that gets damaged.

For part people, the relationship works out. These world might leave their families, kids, whatever and also go because that it! an excellent for them. Putting your happiness before your children’s might be worth it to you. Great for girlfriend both if you deserve to make that work for everyone involved.

For most, it’s that love that never’s the fantasy love. Its the grass is greener ~ above the various other side of the fence. Not that friend aren’t spirit mates. Or maybe you aren’t. It’s just, your life isn’t only your own.

So you think fondly the those times. Hoping perhaps one day you can be happy.

I’m not going to count on external sources for my happiness, not today. I’m walking to be happy v my life, reap yours, yet maybe someday. I’m going to grow, cultivate my passion and love myself.

Sarah Loukos says: as a tarot reader for end 18 years, I watch that most who have had love to work or extramarital affairs have actually regretted it. They shed a lot, and what they acquired wasn’t periodically worth it in the end. Single folks, please constantly think twice before getting involved with someone currently in a relationship. If the is meant to be, the universe will let it take place without hurting people.

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Danielle’s note: I believe that affairs frequently happen since there’s various other underlying difficulties in the relationship. Sometimes human being meet their spirit mate if in a bad relationship. Occasionally they satisfy them when in a healthy and balanced relationship, and also choose no to be through their spirit mate. Periodically two unmarried civilization meet and fall in love, but can’t it is in together because one or the other isn’t ready. There’s many reasons why two people can’t be together. Distance, work, various life paths. Marital relationship is only one of these various paths the make it an overwhelming to be through the one you love. The doesn’t median the rather aren’t as valid, or as painful.