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“The allude is that as soon as I view a sunset or a waterfall or something, for a split 2nd it’s for this reason great, since for a tiny bit I’m out of mine brain, and also it’s gained nothing to carry out with me. I’m no trying to number it out, you know what i mean? and I wonder if I deserve to somehow find a way to preserve that mental stillness.”

— CHRISTOPHER ROBERT EVANS › b. June 13th, 1981

kris evans happy b day!!!


“I feel choose I require adrenaline just to also function, otherwise I’ll literally just sit there. I’m simply a grog. I hype myself up into a state that nervous anxiety before virtually anything. I had the same process with every solitary job. I would certainly be at sight excited, had actually a ton that ideas about stuff, and also the closer you get to the job, it’s the same cycle wherein your confidence would fully fall out, you hate yourself, and then you’re looking for any excuse. You’re looking for the departure strategy before you’ve also started. <…> mine agents won’t even listen to my panicked calls come this result anymore. They tell me: ‘This is just your process.’”

— ROBERT DOUGLAS cutting board PATTINSON › b. May 13th, 1986

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happy bday king!! robert pattinson

may 12, 2021


ok mads mikkelsen fangirls ns think i gain it now

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I simply saw this movie!! this to be the ideal scene for sure an additional round movie vid

Apr 27, 2021


Happy birthday, Patrick Stump!I"m i m really sorry (I make) every song about youinspo

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patrick stump loss out boy fob happy b day angel young!

Apr 27, 2021


Where’s the horn player?

Chadwick Boseman as Levee in“Ma Rainey’s black color Bottom”2020 › dir. George C. Wolfe

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you’ll constantly be the finest no issue what chadwick boseman ma rainey's black color bottom movie

Apr 25, 2021


Basically, every personality I’ve ever played, I’ve based entirely on inner conflict. And I love doing that, since I think it’s very human.

HAPPY birthday JAMES MCAVOY BORN this particular day APRIL 21ST 1979

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james mcavoy happy birthday!!

Apr 21, 2021


“My biggest source of inspiration is the reaction I obtain from when I release something that I put a many work into. Ns will constantly fight because that a vision in my head that I believe in.”

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LIL NAS X! (Aprill 9, 1999)

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lil nas x happy b job king!

Apr 09, 2021


“I’m not an excellent at future planning. I don’t setup at all. I don’t recognize what I’m doing tomorrow. Ns don’t have a job planner and also I don’t have a diary. I totally live in the now, no in the past, no in the future.“

HAPPY date of birth HEATH LEDGER(April 4, 1979 - January 22, 2008)

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10 things i hate about you the patriot a knight's story casanova brokeback hill i'm not there the dark article the imaginarium of doctor parnassus happy date of birth king heath ledger

Apr 03, 2021


I fight cynicism. It`s too easy. It`s yes, really boring. It`s much harder to it is in positive and also see the wonder that everything. Unbelievable is a bunch of world who aren`t together talented as other people, knocking them because they make them feeling even more untalented.

HAPPY birthday EWAN GORDON MCGREGOR BORN march 31ST 1971 🥳

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ewan mcgregor beginners down v love velvet goldmine trainspotting shallow grave birds of prey large fish christopher robin

Mar 31, 2021



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happy birthday king justin bieber

Mar 01, 2021


HIGH college MUSICAL (20 January 2006)

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happy date of birth HSM! high school musical musicals movie

jan 20, 2021


HAPPY new 2021 YEAR, wgc2010.org!

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forrest gump brand-new years movie

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jan 01, 2021


“Even together an actor, i think prefer a storyteller. My parents elevated us to look at the script.”

— Happy Birthday, Jake Gyllenhaal! (December 19, 1980)

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