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I was at the club one night (one night)That's once I witnessed some exaggeration (saw part hype)She looked kinda throwed come me (she looked kinda throwed yeah)She was all up in mine grill (my grill)So I showed her my big daddy steel (big dad steel)I'm simply a dog, don't blame me (a dog don't blame me yeah)Rolling top top a Sunday, through the optimal downHit that M-L-K, popped up display some roundHeaded to a bitch, that i knew from means backShe use to it is in skinny, yet now the ass ain't flatShe claimed Moe-Yo, ns didn't know that friend rapI remember friend singing, method back at the JackYates in a Delta 88, scraping platesAll up and also down 2-88 (8-8)I said, girl girlfriend remember the shitMe, Herms Tooley, keep it v the hitting licksUse to have boys sick, we use to skip schoolActing a damn fool, in ~ Gravestone and TSUIt usage to it is in you, Kiesha, Bridget and also TaneshaAnd your totality damn crewTell me what that do, are we clubbing tonightMaxo sound Throwed, yeah us thugging tonight, iight
I jumped in the Gator, leaving the southern ParkOn the means to the crib, it was nearly darkYou recognize a large dude, gotta hop up in the showerYou already know, the took about a hourI jumped out fresh, and dropped out cleanHit the fo' for green, hit the stash for the leanGrabbed my bling bling, Screwed Up around my neckGrabbed a tech, for them boys that failed come respectAnd the ones through the plex, girlfriend will gain your days darkenedSo relocate around, and watch me hit the lot of without even parkingOooh-ooh-ooooh-oh-oooooohPulled increase on the lot, just finished turn off a sweetDropped a warm twenty, valeted the SUVLong line at the club, it's going under they made us backBut the big boss playa, gon pa-pass all thatThat's once I noticed, you and also your crewScreaming big Moe, have the right to we come in v youHell yes you want a G, V.I.PThey gained the whole section, roped off simply for meThat's once your friends, began eyeballing meLike she to be fascinated, v the Barre BabyOne thang led to the next, it's a little bit of part sexI know I met you first, didn't median to disrespectBut me and also baby girl, had a chemistryAnd I understand you heard, of my historyBig Moe dog, ain't lazy v the lawI'm a lover dude, I can serve both that y'all