Have you ever before noticed the wetness that forms on the outside of a cold glass or can of soda? Where do you think the moisture comes from? try this experiment to check out if girlfriend can figure it out!

Here"s what come do:

Put ice cubes into two clear plastic cups till they are about ½-full.Pour cold water right into both cup so they are each around ¾-full.Quickly location one that the cup in a zip-closing plastic bag. Try to obtain as much air out together you can and also then close the bag securely.

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You should have actually two the same cups of ice and water. One cup need to be exposed come the air and the other need to be in a bag, no exposed to the air.

Ask her adult companion to usage scissors to reduced the coffee filter right into two equal-size pieces.Rub one item of the coffee filter top top the external of the cup that has actually been exposed to the air. Check the paper to check out if the looks wet. What perform you notice?Now obstacle the various other piece that coffee filter ~ above the external of the cup that has remained in the bag and not exposed come the air. Inspect the document to check out if that looks wet. What carry out you notice?

There must be humidity on the external of the cup that was exposed to the air and also much less moisture on the external of the cup that was in the bag.

Most air, other than for in really dry places, has water molecules blended in with the various other molecules that make up the air. Once water molecules in the air acquire cold, they sluggish down, join together, and also become small drops of liquid water. This process is dubbed condensation. This is what happens as soon as water molecule in the wait touch the outside of the cold cup the is exposed to air. Not lot air touches the cup in the bag therefore not lot moisture can form on it.

If the air about you doesn’t have enough water vapor in the to cause moisture to type on the exterior of a cold cup, here’s another way to see just how condensation happens.

What you"ll need:

2 wide clear plastic cups2 high clear plastic cupshot insanity waterpiece that icemagnifier
fill two broad cups about 2/3 complete of hot tap water.Quickly location a high clear plastic cup end each the the cups.Place a item of ice cream on the top of among the cups and wait about 2-3 minutes.

~ the ice has been ~ above the cup for 2-3 minutes, eliminate it and use a document towel to dry turn off the water native the melted ice.Look carefully at the top of each cup. Use a magnifier if you have actually one. What do you notice?

The inside optimal surface the the cup with the ice should have an ext and enlarge water drops on it 보다 the height inside surface ar of the cup there is no the ice.

The within of each cup should have actually a lot of water vapor in the from the evaporating hot water. The water vapor will condense into liquid water when it touches the cooler surface ar of the upper cup. However it will condense even faster if the surface ar is also colder because of the ice.

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Think about this …

Water evaporates all the moment from oceans, lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water. What execute you think happens once the water vapor gets high right into the sky and also meets chillier air?


2 high clear plastic cupsCold tap waterIce cubes1 Quart-size zip-closing plastic bagBrown coffee filterScissors

Be Safe

The products in this task are not hazardous. Constantly work through an adult come supervise and also guide you.