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Pricing: cannot be bought from a store. Cannot be alchemised.

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Weapon StatsDamageAccuracy
Combat BonusesStrengthMagicRanged
AttributesArmourLife BonusPrayer Bonus
StylesClassAttack StyleAttack Speed

Use Saradomin"s holy publication on the book-making table in the Scriptorium of the Citharede Abbey (located east of Al Kharid) and also follow the choices in stimulate from peak to bottom. If girlfriend don’t, and also you miss click, you will have to start again. One publication uses as much as 800 prayer points to develop (200 points per option). You can recharge your Prayer at the surrounding altar in the oratory. After creating this book you will certainly retain the original.You gain 10,000 crafting experience and also 10,000 Prayer experience for each god book you illuminate.An Illuminated holy book has a +8 prayer bonus over its previous version. You can make as plenty of of these publications as girlfriend like but only gain the suffer the first time for each book.

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