"In This moment I to be Euphoric" is a quote composed by Redditor Aalewis in January the 2013, which became widely mocked together a cringeworthy example of self-important teenage atheist attitudes.

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On January 4th, 2013, Redditor Aalewis it is registered a post to the /r/atheism<1> subreddit, which had a quote around his an individual experience of being an atheist:

"Just to be clear, I"m not a expert "quote maker". I"m simply an atheist teenager who substantially values his intelligence and also scientific reality over any silly fiction book written 3,500 years ago. This gift said, ns am open up to any and all criticism."In this moment, i am euphoric. Not due to the fact that of any phony god"s blessing. Yet because, ns am enlightened by mine intelligence.""

Prior to being archived, the short article received over 2,900 under votes, 1,190 increase votes and also 900 comments.


The same day, Redditor balderslash submitted a attach to Aalewis’ write-up via /r/cringe<2> subreddit, wherein it gained an ext than 3,300 up votes and also 650 comments before it was archived. Additionally on January 4th, 2013, a troll quote picture featuring Redditor Aalewis’ quote purposely misattributed come astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson (shown below) was submitted to the /r/atheism<8> subreddit. Prior to being archived, the write-up gathered upwards the 4,600 increase votes and also 600 comments.

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On January 27th, Aalewis’ quote showed up on 4chan"s /sci/ (Science & Math) board<7>, this time, credited to the theoretical physicist Richard Feynman. On march 18th, the “Euphoric Atheist” Tumblr<4> blog was created, i beg your pardon highlights noteworthy photographs and image macros mocking atheist stereotypes, consisting of neckbeards and also fedora. ~ above April 16th, urban Dictionary<6> user zerk1337 it is registered an entry because that the “euphoric,” which referenced Aalewis" quote:


On June 4th, a Facebook<3> web page titled "In This minute I to be Euphoric" was launched. Top top July 27th, Body building Forums<5> member Skeptical_Hippo posted a thread titled "In this moment, i am euphoric," special an man GIF that a rotating fedora hat through the inscription "Euphoric" (shown below, left). Top top September 2nd, Redditor lockjaw900 submitted a article titled "What i imagine a the majority of these cringelords reading" come the /r/cringepics<9> subreddit, i m sorry featured a mock cover because that a satirical magazine titled "Euphoria" (shown below, right).