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The integumentary mechanism is a system full to the brim with interesting structures. However which of lock are an initial to feather to your mind? You’ll likely think of the skin. Well, being the largest organ in the human body, skin anatomy is certainly an important part the the integumentary system. 

However, it’s no the only part. From nails to sebaceous glands to the subcutaneous plexus, the integumentary system quite literally offers an ext than meets the eye. Wonder what we’re talk about? save reading. You’re around to find all the integumentary device parts in detail.

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Test your understanding of the skin v our unlabeled chart (download below)
Integumentary system quiz and also answers
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Integumentary mechanism quiz and also answers

One that the ideal ways to start learning about a new system, body organ or an ar is with a labeling diagram mirroring you every one of the key structures uncovered within it. Not just will this present you to several brand-new structures together, it will also give you an introduction of the relations between them. Enter: our integumentary device quiz and answer worksheets.

Skin diagram labeled

Labeled chart of the skin

So what’s the idea? invest some time assessing the skin diagram labeling above. Shot to memorize the appearance and also location of every structure. Learning the duty of each structure will accelerate your capability to memorize, so be certain to check out ours detailed write-up on The Integumentary device parts and also functions. 

Pssst... Another good way to understand and also memorize frameworks is by drawing them. This is the ultimate person anatomy drawing reference. 

Skin chart unlabeled

You know what’s coming next. It’s time to brand the diagram for yourself! Click listed below to download a totally free unlabeled variation of the diagram above.

Download PDF Worksheet (blank) Download PDF Worksheet (labeled)

Skin anatomy

What if you want to check your knowledge of the skin only? No problem! with multiple layers and also sublayers, yes plenty come learn around skin anatomy.

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Check out our skin anatomy quiz below.

Skin explore study unit

Specialized integumentary mechanism quizzes

What far better way come learn about the integumentary device parts than with a quiz? our integumentary device quizzes will test girlfriend on every the structures uncovered in this system until you with 100% mastery. 

Want to revise the integumentary mechanism with anatomy concerns written through experts? Here"s how!

Using a mix of basic identification, advanced identification, and question bank quizzes, the clever algorithm will learn where her weak spots lie and automatically re-test friend on those structures. That perfect for learning a topic indigenous scratch, or revising what you already know. What space you waiting for? get quizzing now!

We’ve consisted of some an ext of our favorites listed below to aid you obtain started. Good luck!