I am sure you want to know a guy’s true feelings for you. V all the games being played today, you’re having actually a tough time reading him. Ns am right here to help you decipher the masculine code. Ns am going to teach you just how to call if a guy is playing difficult to get however likes you. The no tiny feat however I recognize it’s going to ease your mind if you deserve to pin the guy’s feelings down so i am more than happy come help.

Below room three points I continually see guys do as soon as they room playing difficult to get however like the girl:

Consistently Inconsistent (Re-engaging)

Guys pull this type of shit every the time. Men are constantly trying to acquire you come react due to the fact that when friend react, it mirrors your cards and also true intentions. If friend react, you care. Therefore, that is why ns tell every my clients to never “go top top tilt.’ never ever react. Never go turn off balance. Act as if the shit he does doesn’t bother you and then save working on building attraction.

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With the being said, as soon as a male likes you, that might try to check you. I am no a huge believer that men go the end of their method to at first test a woman yet if he did, it’d be to measure up her attention for him.

How do men do that? They traction away.

However, the difficulty with that is if a guy likes you, he’s at a disadvantage! since if he pulls away and you don’t react, he put himself in a shitty situation. The fact that the likes you means he will have to re-engage at some point or he is going to hazard the opportunity of shedding you.

That is why a guy will play difficult to get yet if he likes you, he is walk to continuously be inconsistent. He is going come come and also go.

When that happens, don’t react the very first several times. Once YOU TWO acquire CLOSER and you actually have some ground on making demands, you need to attract the line and give him standards. If girlfriend don’t prefer that, then execute it with your actions.

The biggest problem women have in this instance is they reduced their standards to save a male in your life. The is why ns tell women you can’t get mad at a man for dealing with you the way he’s treating you since although their are shitty men, you’re conditioning him to treat you that way! If girlfriend don’t like him, then reduced him off!

When you play tough to get, he comes back around


On the opposite finish of the spectrum, when you play difficult to get, the male usually will certainly crack (if he truly likes you) and also come to run back.

It starts to come to be a tug-of-war match. The a pride thing where if one human being pulls away, the other will likewise pull away. There room several factors it becomes a tugging match:

PrideMiscommunicationOne may feel the other is pulling away since one the you come off too solid so in return, you back off to prevent coming turn off strongMind games

Whatever the reason, that comes under to the, “Who ever loves much less wins” concept where the human who commonly gets the upperhand is the one that cares less. The one who really likes the various other will typically cave and also come earlier around. So once a male plays hard to get and you traction away, it’s safe to say that he will come running earlier if you host your ground and are a high value woman precious chasing.

If you traction away and also it becomes the tugging enhance I talked around earlier, males will shot to gain you with a various angle. Lock may post something on social media or images with another girl. Again, do NOT REACT.

This is why ns don’t choose games and pulling far to begin with. The puts you in these hard-to-recover situations. Ns teach attraction because that a reason. Not mind games. Attraction will always get the man to re-engage. Games are an illusion.

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He pulls away when there is no reason to pull away


If you’re no pressuring that or pushing for a relationship, climate he has actually no factor to pull away. In fact, 90% of guys who pull away carry out so because the pressure was too lot for him. For this reason if you perform what ns say in my articles and videos, girlfriend should have actually no problem with him pulling away.

If he does traction away, it’s only to get power and get you come react. So look at the as whole picture:

Are you doing something wrong? room you play it well for the most part?

If friend answer yes to that and he is pulling away, you can bet it’s because of him having actually a various motive. That is a clear sign in mine opinion that he is trying come play tough to get.

I say this due to the fact that I look at things from a logical perspective: a male likes you, i will not ~ he desire to spend more time v you? no it once you 2 hang out and also talk wherein you build the most attraction? Well, if you’re doing whatever right and not coming off too strong and he is pulling away, that probably since he’s do the efforts to get some ground. Maybe he establish his feelings because that you and thought the he’s reflecting a lot an ext interest than you. He needs to scale that back somehow! The way is typically a male pulling away. So while there is a reason, the not because of you thankfully.


Let me know what friend think. Room there any other things males do that display they’re interested in you yet play difficult to get? leave it in the comments listed below so various other women can obtain a better understanding that their own situations. We space a community!!