Weidman breaks under Vettori"s takedown do the efforts vs. Adesanya (1:28)Chris Weidman breaks down Marvin Vettori"s wrestling in his very first fight vs. Israel Adesanya. (1:28)


Saturday"s UFC 263 main event in Glendale, Arizona will attribute middleweight champion, Israel Adesanya, defending his belt against Marvin Vettori.

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It is a rematch of a non-title bout the took location in April 2018, coincidentally, in Glendale. Adesanya (20-1) beat Vettori (17-3-1) via separation decision in a three-round struggle in which Adesanya had actually his method on the feet, however Vettori staged a late comeback behind his soil game.

Former middleweight champion chris Weidman didn"t watch that fight live, yet he remembers the feedback he received from those that did.


Two location fights in between familiar foes title UFC 263. Israel Adesanya defends his middleweight title versus Marvin Vettori, whom he defeated by separation decision in April 2018. Deiveson Figueiredo and also Brandon Moreno battle for the flyweight championship for the second time after ~ fighting come a attract in December.

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"There to be a many clout behind Adesanya, everyone believed he was yes, really good," Weidman told wgc2010.org. "But then i remember it getting earlier to me that part Italian man who wasn"t a wrestler to be outwrestling him."

Ahead of this weekend"s championship rematch, Weidman take it a closer look at that very first meeting. Weidman says there is plenty come take away from it, also three year later.

"It"s yes, really going to come under to strategy, what they bring to the table and also what they learned native the an initial fight," Weidman said.

Here are his secrets to the fight, together told to wgc2010.org.

No. 1: Vettori"s takedowns

Mark J. Rebilas/USA this particular day SportsIf you watch Vettori in the very first fight, he obtained to a clinch position in the first round, i beg your pardon is perfect. He acquired his hands locked. If you carry out that, it must be a takedown every time -- however he was clueless there. He maintained trying to execute an inside trip, choose three or four times, and also it to be awful. Girlfriend can"t get an inside expedition on anybody the method he was doing it. Girlfriend really have actually to bring your body to one side and also commit to it.

I hope he worked on his clinch offense, but that"s just not that he is. Vettori is no a wrestler, and also it takes a various kind of cardio to carry out that for 5 rounds. He"s more of a striker, so he"s yes, really going to have to adjust his style.

At the same time, the single leg that shot into a twin in the third round -- the didn"t even have his hands clasped properly and also he had the ability to pull Adesanya down. I m sorry ... Simply tells me Israel is no that strong. Vettori wouldn"t have the ability to pull a typical guy"s leg, with poor technique, the way he walk in the fight, yet that"s something Vettori felt leaving that cage. The grappling exchanges in the first fight had actually a many to carry out with strength. Adesanya is a weak guy for the load class. He"s smaller and skinny -- i beg your pardon is why the has good cardio and an excellent range -- but if girlfriend grab him, he"s no that strong. Vettori definitely knows Israel is no the the strongest dude. He had a couple takedown attempts that were just awful, but I think that"s due to the fact that it"s international to him. If he deserve to just enhance his technique, he"ll have an much easier time this time around.

No. 2: Adesanya"s feints

How Adesanya feints to manage the distanceChris Weidman shows just how Israel Adesanya supplied his feints to manage the distance versus Marvin Vettori.

Adesanya"s feints room so important. If he"s able come land some big punches in that an initial round, he"ll probably have the ability to win this struggle on feints alone the rest of the way. He"ll begin baiting Vettori with feints and also then floor the big stuff -- he can really pick him apart. Honestly, his feints are most likely his ideal weapon.

I yes, really don"t think there"s anybody better than Adesanya at feints, distance control and creating the dance he wants. Having human being overreact and also underreact. In the an initial fight, that made Vettori overreact with feints, and also then underreact when ... In reality throwing -- just by feinting. Make him worry around what he"s law next.

This is the fight Adesanya needs to be fighting. When he does this, that is so hard to nearby the street on because there are so numerous weapons you have to worry about. You deserve to see Vettori obtaining frustrated, grounding throwing one punch at a time.

No. 3: Adesanya"s difficulties off his back?

Mark J. Rebilas/USA this particular day SportsIt looks like Adesanya has virtually two various lines the strategy that he"s struggling with. One is that you take your time, you conserve energy, don"t sirloin to get back to her feet -- since in the process, a lot of mistakes have the right to be made and your foe can capitalize. The various other train of thought is nonstop relocating on her back. If the other man is better than girlfriend on the ground, you save moving, looking for a way back to your feet.

In the an initial fight, Adesanya looked prefer he to be stuck between the 2 strategies and never really chose one. There have been impressive strikers that will accurate just organize position ~ above the bottom. Anderson Silva had actually an impressive career together someone who wasn"t the best the strongest ideal grappler, but if you invested the power to take him down, he would just relax, continue to be calm and wait for the referee to stand you up and also ... less tired than friend are, or wait because that the next round.

Adesanya has either option available to him, but in this fight i think the means to gain off his earlier is to create frames, acquire his back versus the cage and also get ago to his feet. Actually placed himself in harm"s way, because Vettori isn"t the man I"m worried around taking my earlier and choke me out. Ns wouldn"t mental Adesanya getting an underhook and even providing up his back to acquire to his feet, because I don"t think there"s lot danger there. If you"re fighting a professional jiu-jitsu practitioner choose Demian Maia, friend don"t do that. So, it counts on the guy you"re fighting. In this fight, he needs to do a much better job of getting to his feet and creating a scramble.

No. 4: Vettori "bringing his feet v him"

Breaking down Vettori"s footwork in first fight vs. AdesanyaChris Weidman division down exactly how Marvin Vettori adjusted his footwork in the third round against Israel Adesanya.

One the the things Vettori struggled through in the first and second rounds is the he didn"t carry his feet through him ~ the left hand. The throws the left hand, the feet remain behind and Adesanya, gift the longer guy, is able to reach him. It"s wasted movement and also it puts Vettori in trouble, wherein he have the right to be countered.

Now, going into the 3rd round, his coaches must have said something come him since he"s a whole new guy. He"s walking forward through his feet under him the entirety time. He"s cram the left cross and also the right jab comes appropriate after. He"s dangerous with the best hook now. You have the right to see this is do Adesanya uncomfortable. He"s backing up. He"s acquiring sloppy. He"s starting to throw strikes he wasn"t cram before. This is the type of struggle Vettori have the right to win.

Can Vettori stay relaxed while pass that consistent pressure? and even when he does, it gives him much more options to win the fight, but it also makes Adesanya way more diverse and dangerous since of his respond to strikes. It"s virtually like Vettori needs to put himself right into the fire come win. And also I"m going to say, Adesanya experienced that Vettori didn"t constantly bring his feet with him, and when that happens, the doesn"t have much power. Adesanya to be unfazed by Vettori"s punching power, and also I think the will permit Adesanya to open up and also become his best self faster in the fight, as there will be less of a emotion out process.

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Prediction: as soon as I watch the very first fight and also think around this second one, ns don"t think either male has adjusted too much. As soon as Adesanya is in ~ his best on his feet, that is something to watch. I think the odds room stacked in his favor. I just don"t think Vettori has it in him to pressure and also make that sloppy for five rounds there is no exhausting himself and also eventually being put in a place he doesn"t desire to be in, gaining clipped and put out. He"s a tough dude, yet he hasn"t to be conditioned to wrestle a guy like Adesanya for five rounds, therefore I"m choose Adesanya.