火龍 is just how to compose "Fire Dragon" in Chinese and Japanese Kanji.This title is used more often in Chinese; a tiny lesser-known in Japanese.

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The following table might be useful for those examining Chinese or Japanese...

TitleCharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Fire Dragon火龍火龙hi ryuu / hiryuu / hi ryu / hiryuhuǒ lóng / huo3 long2 / huo lengthy / huolonghuo lung / huolung
In some entries above you will certainly check out that characters have various versions above and listed below a line.In these situations, the characters over the line are Timeless Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

PronunciationRomanizationSimple Dictionary Definition


watch styles
bǐng chénbing3 chen2 ping ch`enping chenhinoetatsu; heishin / hinoetatsu; heshinひのえたつ; へいしん
fifty-third year C5 of the 60 year cycle, e.g. 1976 or 2036 (See 干支・1) Fire Dragon (5third year of the sexagenary cycle, e.g. 1916, 1976, 2036)



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shén biànshen2 bian4 shen pienjinpen
Superorganic impacts resulting in the alters in herbal events; miracles; miraculous changes, e.g. the transforming powers of a Buddha, both in regard to himself and also others; likewise his miraculous acts, e.g. unhequipped by poisonous snakes, unscorched by dragon fire, and so on Tantra, or Yogācāra; supernatural transformation(s)



see styles
lóng hǔlong2 hu3 lung huryuuko / ryukoりゅうこ
impressive people; water and also fire (in Daoist writing) dragon and also tiger; two mighty rivals; (surname, female provided name) Ryuuko


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kokouonogareteryuuketsuniiru / kokoonogareteryuketsuniruここうをのがれてりゅうけつにいる
(expression) (proverb) out of the frying pan right into the fire; out of the tiger"s mouth right into the dragon"s den

1 Corinthians 13:4-89 Koi FishA Journey of a Thousand also MilesAaliyahAbbyAbdullahAbundance and ProsperityAcceptanceAcupunctureAdanAdnanAdoreAdventureAidenAikidoAilaAileenAiriAishuAkashAkashiAkita DogAkshayAkumaAlainAlbertoAlexAlexisAliciaAlinAlinaAlisaAlvaroAlmethods and ForeverAlmeans FamilyAmadeoAmalAmanAmarAmbitionAmeliaAmidaAmirAmitAnandAnarchyAndiAndieAndreaAndrewAngelAngelaAngelineAngeliqueAngeloAngieAnieAnilAnkitAnkitaAnnaAnnabelleAnnalynAnneAnyaAphroditeArchangelArcherAriaAriesArisaArjunArloArmaanArmanArmandoArt of WarArturoArunAryanAshaAshwinAthenaAtticusAuroraAveryAwarenessAyakaAyanAzuraBalanceBanzaiBe True to YourselfBe Water My FriendBe YourselfBeauty of NatureBensonBentleyBerserkerBestBest Friends ForeverBetelgeuseBethBhavyaBiancaBibleBirdBirthdayBlacksmithBmuch less This HouseBlessed by GodBlessed by HeavenBlessingBlessingsBloodless VictoryBlue DragonBody and also MindBoldBoxingBraveBrave the WavesBrave WarriorBraydenBreathBriannaBbest FutureBrittneyBrotherBrother and Sister BondBrotherhoodBrotherly LoveBruce LeeBryanBuddhaBuddha ShakyamuniBullBushidoBushiperform CodeCalmCalm MindCalvinCamilleCaraCarpe DiemCarterCasperCassiaCateCedricCelineChandraChangeChaosCharismaCheiChelseaChen SurnameCherieCherry BlossomChetanChi EnergyChiaraChiemiChloeChoiChristianityCindyClaudiaClear MindCobraCocoColinCollinCompassionConquerorConradConsciousnessContemplationCosmosCourageCourage KoreanCowboyCreedCristianCristyCruzCrystalCyrusDaikomyoDaisyDaliaDamianDaniaDanicaDanielDanielleDaniloDanteDarinDark Angel

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Even via the teachings of a top-ranked calligrapher in China, my calligraphy will never before be great enough to market. I will leave that to the specialists.


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Some civilization may refer to this enattempt as Fire Dragon Kanji, Fire Dragon Characters, Fire Dragon in Mandarin Chinese, Fire Dragon Characters, Fire Dragon in Chinese Writing, Fire Dragon in Japanese Writing, Fire Dragon in Asian Writing, Fire Dragon Ideograms, Chinese Fire Dragon symbols, Fire Dragon Hieroglyphics, Fire Dragon Glyphs, Fire Dragon in Chinese Letters, Fire Dragon Hanzi, Fire Dragon in Japanese Kanji, Fire Dragon Pictograms, Fire Dragon in the Chinese Written-Language, or Fire Dragon in the Japanese Written-Language.

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