At Jelly bean Junction daycarewe are specialized to teaching, encouraging and also nurturing your child. Our great child care

staff and specialized curriculum will assist make certain your child

is ~ above the right track to effective learning and also growth.

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Dublin, Ohio is the Corporate home of Jelly bean Junction Child

Day care Centers. We market superior preschool and school age

learning programs throughout the Milford, Fairfield, Loveland, Amelia,Dublin, Columbus, and Cincinnati areas of Ohio. Please visit our place page to discover a daycare center

in your area.

Our particular Child treatment Programs are provided below. If you have additional questions around our Child treatment Centers or Curriculum you re welcome fill out our Contact kind or speak to us toll cost-free at (614) 791-0050


Our Programs

We usage acomprehensivecurriculum to arrangement developmentally proper experiences because that our children. Youngsters are urged to make their own choices about the various experiences they connect in throughout the day. By giving youngsters the strength to make options we are fostering independence and allowing children to work in their comfort zones.

At Jelly p Junction us realize that caring for any child is a partnership in between the families and our staff. Us feel that it is important to store the lines of interaction open in between families and also staff because families understand their kids best. We have actually an open door policy and encourage families to visit ours centers at any type of time.


10 signs of a an excellent preschool

1. Kids spend most of their time playing and working with products or other children. They execute not wander aimlessly, and they room not supposed to sit quietly for long periods that time.

2. Children have access to various activities throughout the day. Look for assorted structure blocks and other building and construction materials; props for pretend play, snapshot books, paints and also other arts materials, and table playthings such as corresponding games, pegboards, and puzzles. Kids should no all be doing the very same thing at the very same time.

3. Teachers job-related with separation, personal, instance children, little groups, and also the whole group at various times during the day. They execute not invest all your time with the entirety group.

4. The class is decorated through children"s initial artwork, their own writing with created spelling, and stories dictated by youngsters to teachers.

5. Children learn numbers and the alphabet in the context of their everyday experiences. The natural people of plants and also animals and also meaningful tasks like cooking, acquisition attendance, or offer snack administer the communication for finding out activities.

6. Kids work top top projects and also have long periods of time (at the very least one hour) come play and explore. Worksheets are used small if in ~ all.

7. Youngsters have an possibility to play exterior every day. Outdoor play is never sacrificed for an ext instructional time.

8. Teachers read publications to youngsters individually or in little groups transparent the day, not simply at group story time.

9. Curriculum is adapted for those who room ahead, as well as those who need added help. Teachers identify that children"s various background and experiences average that they execute not discover the exact same things at the very same time in the same way.

10. Children and their parents look front to school. Parents feeling secure about sending their boy to the program. Youngsters are happy to attend; they perform not cry reguarly or complain of feeling sick.

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This article is released in the February 2011 edition of Cincinnati parent Magazine titled 10 indications of a great Preschool native the nationwide Assocaition because that the education and learning of Young kids (NAEYC).