Khalid bin Bandar bin Abdulaziz Al Saud (Arabic: الأمير خالد بندر بن عبد العزيز آل سعود) (born 16 march 1951) is a member the the home of Saud, is chairman of the general Intelligence and was the governor of the Riyadh province with the location of minister. He to be the an initial grandson the King Abdulaziz to it is in the branch of the Riyadh Province. Prince Khalid is likewise the former deputy defense minister.

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Early life and also education

Prince Khalid to be born in 16 in march 1951. That is the 3rd son of Prince Bandar, that is the eldest surviving kid of King Abdulaziz. Khalid bin Bandar i graduated from Royal armed forces Academy Sandhurst. He holds a master’s degree in army sciences. The participated in advanced foundational courses for armor police officers in Saudi Arabia and United States, and also been connected in several different field exercises.


Khalid bin Bandar is a high-ranking military personal and command of the Saudi Arabian royal Army. He started his military service at the very first battalion of the 4th armored brigade. Later on he operated as an to work officer in the armored pressures command, and also then was advocated to deputy command of it. He offered in the G3 armor corps in ~ the royal Saudi Land pressures (SALF) in at an early stage 1980s. He became a major general in 1997, and was appointed deputy commander of the SALF. He was promoted to the location of Lieutenant basic in might 2011. Then he served as the command of the SALF. He served in this article until his appointment together Riyadh governor and was replaced by Eid bin Awadh Al Shalawi as the commander. That made number of visits and also participated in international joint participation committees in between Saudi Arabia and other countries.

He was one of participants in the liberation that Kuwait (1991) in (Desert Shield and Desert Storm) and was assigned to participate in southern Shield operations against Houthis in 2009 conflict.

On 14 February 2013, Prince Khalid to be appointed branch of the Riyadh province, doing well late Prince Sattam. His deputy is Prince Turki bin Abdullah, that was likewise appointed ~ above 14 February. On 14 may 2014, he to be appointed deputy defense minister instead of Salman bin Sultan in the post. His deputy, Turki bin Abdullah, was appointed governor of the Riyadh district on the exact same date.

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Personal life

Prince Khalid married Princess Mashael bint Mohammed bin Saud bin Abdul Rahman Al Saud and also they have six daughters. Their children are: Princess Noura, Princess Haya, Princess Anoud (wife of Prince Salman bin Saud bin Salman bin Mohammed Al Saud), Princess Sara (wife that Prince Miteb bin Saud bin Mohammed Al Saud), Princess Najla and Princess Nouf.