The Ancient Greece and Greek Mythology characters have always been a big hit amongst kids together Halloween costumes.

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Have you ever thought the dressing up choose a Greek God or a goddess because that Halloween? carry out your youngsters love every things ancient and pagan or are they more of the “spooky” kind who prefers vampires and werewolves.

We have been searching for ideas online and found the 12 finest Halloween costumes motivated by Greek Mythology.

These creative ideas range from basic dress-ups favor Hera in her most basic type (i.e. Just wearing part clothes) to dressing up as a particular goddess like Aphrodite, whose mythology includes nearly every continent on planet – even Antarctica!

Check them the end below:

The 12 ideal Halloween costumes influenced by Greek Mythology

1. Basic Greek Goddess Costume from uncommon Designs


Demeter is just one of the most popular Greek Goddesses. In the old Greek religion, she is the goddess the agriculture. She custom can be quickly created. Every you have to do is usage a tan or irradiate brown dress with eco-friendly accessories to match the color of nature.

You can additionally go for a wreath do from flowers and grasses on her head. Eco-friendly makeup top top face and tan shoes to complement the dress, bring a basket filled with fruits and vegetables (you can find these at any type of grocery store. If friend don’t go for this, just lug some flowers). has a substantial guide that will aid you create an amazing Demeter costume!

3. DIY Poseidon Costume


Zeus was the father of most Greek Gods and Goddesses and also the leader of mt. Olympus! once it involves DIY Zeus costumes, you can go through white lengthy robes. The oh my god crown deserve to be make from cardboard or heavy document that’s to be painted gold.

Carry a lightning bolt as your accessory or prop. This can easily be uncovered at any kind of costume shop. That course, you can easily develop a lightning bolt through cardboard if friend feel like it!

If you like pre-made Halloween costumes, there are plenty out there because that you. The said, Zeus kid’s costume through is by much our favorite!

5. DIY Greek God Costume: EROS


In Greek mythology, Eros to be the god the love. Traveling roughly with his wings and also bow come hit humans and give castle the help to fall in love.

Eros costume is no a difficult one but needs part crafts. It demands white wings and a bow among other stuff. You can buy an inexpensive small bow native a store and paint it however you like. has developed a wonderful guide in order to aid you architecture an amazing Eros costume!

6. Athena kids Costume because that Girls

Athena was the greek olympian goddess the wisdom, inspiration, and handicraft. Recognized mostly for her defended city of Athens.

Gray or blue long dress (almost floor-length) v purple or silver- accessories. You deserve to paint her nails the same shade as the accessory you pick to wear v this costume.

Go because that gray assembly on your face and put some white flower in your hair (you can buy them at any kind of flower shop). Additionally you should lug a spear. has actually a wonderful pre-made Athena costume if you want to have actually a look.

7. DIY Greek Goddess Costume: ARTEMIS

Daughter the Zeus and also Leto, Artemis was the goddess that wild animals and hunting. Also, she was discussed as the protector that young girls.

In order to do a exorbitant Artemis costume, you require a white short dress through brown boots. Find white deer horns (you can buy castle at any costume shop for between $10 and $20. You can also make them out of cardboard and also paint).

With the dress, walk for a silver- belt with a moon on the (you can find one in any type of accessory store) and also put some gray assembly on your challenge to accentuate her eyes.

Once again supplies a good guide because that making one Artemis costume.

8. DIY Ares Greek Mythology Costume

Who does no know about the Greek God Ares? among the most an effective gods in Greek mythology, Ares was the god of war.

Black leather jacket and also pants. V the pants, walk for black color combat boots to make it look favor he’s prepared for battle.

His weapon should be a giant spear (buy one or make one the end of cardboard). If girlfriend don’t desire to undertake leather, simply wear black, red and also grey. Red bandana on your head.

However, friend can discover many choices on Ares costumes like this one native

9. How to do a Hermes Costume

Hermes to be the herald of all gods. Additionally known together the protector of human travelers, thieves, and heralds.

White dress v brown boots. Bring a staff and also wear a fake flower roughly your neck.

Brown makeup on the face, silver jewelry, and also wire-rimmed glasses (you can find these at any costume shop). has produced a nice guide on just how to make a Hermes costume.

10. Greek God Hades Costume

Brother of Zeus and Poseidon, Hades was the god of the underworld.

Black lengthy robes and also a crown make from branches. If friend don’t desire to walk for the all-black look, wear part other color that represents death or degeneration (black is simply the simplest option).

Silver makeup on the confront with ideas of dark blue and also red approximately the mouth and eyes and carry a black flower or a stick. has an impressive Hades pre-made costume if you desire to have a look.

11.Percy Jackson Costume Halloween 2021

Percy Jackson is a twelve-year-old who discovers the is the child of Poseidon while life in Camp Half-Blood. V the assist of his friends, Percy embarks ~ above a pursuit to stealing Zeus’s lightning bolt i m sorry will prevent a war in between the gods.

There are countless different formats of costumes based upon iconic scenes from books and movies. Percy’s personality is laid-back most of the time and loves to wear basic outfits such as his orange Camp Half-Blood shirt, denim shorts, brown animal leather armor, and the necklace the his camp.

12. Harry Potter Halloween Costumes

Want to go as Harry Potter for Halloween yet don’t recognize how? here are part easy procedures to develop your own DIY costume therefore you deserve to be the sorcerer’s in format this Hallow’s Eve.

1) The vital item in any kind of authentic HP outfit is the Gryffindor scarf. You won’t find any type of other models or textures the look quite choose it, so simply buy a Gryffindor scarf and also jazz increase the collar through creamy dressings.

2) Spruce up your daily glasses by adding fake foggers to them and also sticking on sticker labels of red lenses where usually there would be one eyehole (that method they will certainly take on an oval shape).

If ~ above the various other hand, you choose premade costumes, have a look in ~ the captivating take care of Potter Halloween costumes through


Do Greeks celebrate Halloween?

Halloween is especially popular in America, wherein it originated. However did you understand that over there are nations where Halloween is not commemorated at all? In Greece, because that example, Halloween is not celebrated at all, and people perform not dress up or go trick-or-treating top top October 31.

The just reason Greeks recognize it is celebrated in America and other nations is since of movies and television.

What is “Apokries” in Greece?

Every year, many countries around the human being celebrate their variation of what we refer to as Halloween, Mardi Gras, or Carnival. In Greece, they have actually their own version the this celebration dubbed “Apokries”.

The Greeks space Christians and Christians suffer a duration of Lent referred to as “Great Lent”. Originally, this was a extremely religious, contemplative period. However, Apokries is a festive heritage meant come give people one last opportunity to enjoy all type of pleasures choose food before good Lent begins.

When is Apokries celebrated in Greece?

The Apokries season begins 40 days before the start of the an excellent Lent and also is closely associated with Orthodox Church. The festivities constantly begin top top a Saturday in the church when the Triodion, a divine book, is officially opened. The season officially end on Clean Monday (“Kathara Deytera”), which is the official beginning of the good Lent. Because that the Greeks, this is a windy holiday.

Online Classes

If girlfriend wanna understand more, you will certainly be pleased to hear the we offer several Greek Mythology virtual Classes.

Also, you deserve to have the complete bundle the 3 virtual classes for endless fun and numerous activities.

However, if you want to test your knowledge and also have a family night together, challenge to take it an virtual trivia about the Olympians or the adventures the demigods choose Heracles.

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