I don’t understand why, yet I really acquired annoyed by the ISK farmer today. Possibly it was when I realized many of them room probably managed by just a couple of players multi-boxing. I carry out not think they are bots, since I to be able to catch up with a few. This indicates, come me in ~ least, the player’s attention may have been attracted away. In a couple of cases, there to be reaction in ~ the fight, (mostly no hope attempts to run), yet this encourages me to keep making their endure with agriculture difficult.

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6th kill

I’m type of becoming infamous in a few systems, together LP farmers will just fly out of mechanism when ns fly in. Again, an additional positive indication the their is human manage behind this farmers.

7th kill

Easy death here, simply because they yes, really don’t fight. As I’m associated in the fight, I simply making sure they remain within my disruptor range. What’s the harm, right? over there were likewise some pod kills that either went in addition to these pilots, or an odd pod that ns ran into. I’m more than likely doing the farmer a donate by podding. But, again, it amuses me.

I perform wonder exactly how much LP this farmers collect. I established at least six the the Atrons zipping from station to station, landing on any kind of novice facility they deserve to find. I recognize I chased countless of them off your game, yet I need to think they are probably just laughing in ~ my futile initiatives – laughing all the means to the bank. Sick comparison to the 45 to 70 LP point out I collection for each of the kills. Sad really.

Engaging in these battles yes, really didn’t carry out anything to enhance my PvP skills either. However, ns think I’ve currently come a long method to emotion comfortable in this hostile environment. Maybe too comfortable. I chased off one of these Atrons from a complex, as I detected v d-scan. I did not need to fly into the complex, however instead made decision to loot numerous wrecks the were current at the gate. I did believe this to be strange, so I ongoing to ping d-scan together scooped up the loot. Lo’ and behold and Atron come zooming in come the location. Ns was perplexed by this. At very first I thought, “Did this guy make a mistake?” Then i Looked in ~ the the employment history of the only other pilot in system, and also quickly prepped mine micro warp drive (MWD) come pull away from the gate.

8th kill.

The Atron surprised me, and came in ~ me hard. I was able to pull away to 20 km, and let my drones go to town on him. In the middle of the battle, Jorrien transforms around and increases distance. I assumed I to be going to shed him, and he to be fast. I closed the distance, i m sorry I believe he anticipated. That turned and closed distance an extremely quickly. I clicked on my MWD pulled more distance, as Jorrien started to walk to job-related on my drones.

I don’t know if i was just surprised, or if this struggle was faster than others. I never ever felt in manage at every throughout the entire thing. Jorrien had actually me working v so many systems, it kind of acquired overwhelming. Together I managed my drones, he recorded up come me again. In ~ this point he was well into structure, however his armor repairer was substantially performing that job. 2 of drones to be down, but Jorrien now in my confront focused his fire on my ship. Every I might do to be attempt to find a means to pull much more distance, and also hope mine drones could finish him off. Happily they did.

I to be shaken increase by this battle. I had actually to mail Jorrien mine “gf”, which i neglected come do immediately after in local. Jorrien was very gracious, and sort the chastised himself for not going to work-related on mine drones earlier in the battle. That would certainly have changed things because that sure. His weapons were powerful. He also mentioned that the ship had 14 kill marks.

Speaking of death marks, XQ0005 has actually the new record – 4!

XQ0005 – 4 kill marks. Personal best.

But then, nothing large forever. Boom time!

XQ0005 death Mail

On the method back to among my residence stations, ns reflected on mine previous actions versus my intent. How much risk have actually I in reality been taking? I have been in search of any and all targets when I go into a system. The just real easily accessible targets have been those ISK farming Atrons. Am i getting much more confident, and also just reshaping my threat averse nature?

I really wasn’t impressed v my performance in the last battle with Jorrien. I parked in a random station, reduce the loot, and immediately top to a complex. After completing one, I moved to a tiny complex. Cotton BTard come in to the system blinking red, fresh turn off a battle. The did no take him long to find me in the complex. Ns deployed drones, pulled distance, and locked him when he flew in.

I did not do well in this fight either. Ns am beginning to doubt myself ns guess. He to be fast! In my initiative to regulate my MWD and our street from each other, ns shut off the MWD instead of shutting off the overheat option. Ns think I caught it quickly after, but that small amount of time is every he needed to obtain in mine face and also shred me come pieces. A component of mine distraction to be from frustration at how tiny damage my drones were doing come his shields. I carry out not know this impatience that has been coming over me.

Anonymous BTard is a good pilot, and the to the right is solid – and also expensive. Basically he’s flying a 40-50 million ISK T1. I have to add, he certainly knows just how to fly it.

XQ0006, anchors away!

Immediately, we catch an additional LP farmer in a complex.

9th kill

My self comes to aside, at the very least this devastation is great for the economy.

Record: 95 Tristans all set to take flight, 9 kills.

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