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Queen of Sheba’s knife is a side quest in Kingdom Come Deliverance. You deserve to start the by talking to a specific blacksmith, but only ~ you’ve currently acquired among the sword’s pieces.The blacksmith will certainly ask friend to conference the continuing to be shards, so the he have the right to reforge the blade. The game won’t call you wherein to uncover them, though, which is exactly what you’ll discover in our Kingdom Come Deliverance Queen that Sheba’s knife quest guide.

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You deserve to start the pursuit by talk to the swordsmith in Sasau after ~ you’ve acquired one piece. He have the right to be discovered in the south part of town, as shortly as you cross the river.


The next piece is in Rattay. You’ll find it in the house of the neighborhood swordsmith. He works and lives in the western part of town. The shard is in a stems on the 2nd floor, beside the inner staircase. You’ll require a vital for it, or the ability to crack a really hard lock. The swordsmith himself has a key, yet we got ours from a mrs who gotten in the home for some factor – may be a member that his family.

The last one is in Talmberg, in the blacksmith’s house. He lives in the center of the village, close to the ar where the two rivers converge. When you go into the house, you’ll see two doors on your left. Go v the second one, and you’ll view the item on a barrel in the corner.

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The fifth piece the the knife from pickman deserve to still it is in found, even if friend don’t acquire him a job.It is situated on a shelf in the storageroom in ~ the residence of the blacksmith in northern rattay.

Bellow the blacksmith marker. The storage room that the house is straightforward to recognize. The item is hard to view on the edge of a shelf