Gave it an additional chance. Even overlooked the laughable cutscene in i beg your pardon the lady the talmberg or everyone looked favor mr blobby v a knife to her throat.

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Finally getting into the video game again, excited for the siege that talmberg as soon as whadyouknow???

‘CaN YoU obtain mE 200 MeaT, AlCohOl and SoMe InConVeNiEnT SHiTe?’hahahahahaha. Yeah, henry, that by this suggest is an created swordsman, and the boy of fuckign radzig is still a delivery boy is he? Can’t was standing to pat one much more second that this utter mess. The first pair hours are incredible however misleading as the video game is disastrous from that allude on.

Rename that to shipment boy simulator 2018

And there space plenty of cows in the vicinity to gain over through it easily


I actually didn’t finish that one. It repeated itself. I believed it’s activity but others case quest proceeds after that.

You deserve to do that as numerous times as you wish. Only once is enough for the Talmberger achievement.

What ns wonder is if that actually has actually any impact on the assault of the castle. Room your guys really fighting much better if you satisfy all those quests around food and also energy potion?

I did not give them 50 resting potions, i was lazy to prepare castle myself. I had no trouble sieging castle. Over there were couple of groups the enemies, i rushed and also they almost killed me, no other troubles.

It is impressive how many there space immature and also agitated human being on this that are all set to oath around and insult others just since they didn’t obtain a pet video game of your own. Topic-starter, this is exactly how I imagine the likes that you, once I review a short article like yours. However that male on the video clip is play a role. Are you?

XBox One:

Why would you write-up a video of a young male that obviously has actually serious fury issues?Really?I didnt uncover his condition entertaining.Peace

This male on the video is acting, i. E. Playing this role of a mentally ok gamer. He has actually no actual health issues.I am simply getting worn down of threads prefer this, where world can’t express your dissatisfaction through the game in a polite manner.

didn’t insult anyone. This game is simply utter garbage - the objectives are exceptionally lazy and uninteresting. Why is every little thing henry’s job? why is that henry needs to fetch every little thing for anyone else every the time? that objectively boring


This video game is simply utter rubbish - the goals are exceptionally lazy and uninteresting.

So you played every the key storyline down to the last quest because the game is utter trash and also missions are incredibly lazy and uninteresting?

The an initial third was great so ns was waiting for it come hit those heights yet instead the video game just gained worse and worse. There’s no crescendo or excitement, just one lengthy slog and also the character’s do absolutely no sense. I help johanka by obtaining her all the supplies, healing the sick and also defending she from the guy SHE asserted was creepy. Came earlier the next day where she pied me off ’ he’s not that bad’ ??? you what? very same with the monk - bond with him throughout the drinking mission, assist him the end by transporting a sermon and also he pies me off and refuses to aid the talmberg guy. For sure terrible.

It’s very clear the this game is completely unfinished and also rushed after the an initial third. Developer hubris gained in the way, and also it’s entirely their fault.

You can’t win with fanboys. Nothing play the game since it’s boring, ‘you no play that all, you can’t comment’, pat it every ‘well you played it every so friend must have actually liked it’. No, that dreadfully dull through AWFUL personalities save capon, nonsensical personality decisions, trivial combat, and also for the most part no real aftermath of her actions.

Okay. Suggest taken. Yet this is called your opinion. The is for you the game turned the end to it is in boring and uninteresting. That is come your taste. The doesn’t median the game by itself is trash, a mess, shit or anything. Since to mine taste the game is much better than other RPGs. I liked it exactly due to the fact that of the things you no like around it. I prefer that the game doesn’t occupational via the typical retarded mechanic “solve a quest - acquire a bonus”, I favored the idea the Johanka behaved choose a bitch after whatever I’ve done because that her, because it is what real people can be.

The game IS unfinished and the developers have never denied this, that’s why the key storyline is left open.

I kinda had comparable experience come op.

Spoilers- you go earlier to ask your parents. Everything from the weather to environment the occasion with runt has you wanting more.( What happened to the grey sky’s from then on?) The assault at the stable’s, the hunt with hans)

Then coming near the siege it just felt slogging. Whatever was feeling rushed. I additionally hated what I viewed as fluffer really unimaginative fetch quests, will certainly say ns appreciated they to be optional. Then so numerous quests that finish from nowhere leaving a " wait, that is the moment".

Had the blurry characters all through the finish scenes (unfortunate because that me i finished the game throughout what was most likely the crappiest patch).

Disliked the siege.

I seriously feel like past the first third of the video game i myself can easily have written a much better story. Rolled my eyes at the radzig father reveal that came out that nowhere. Friend don’t even bond through him whatsoever through the story therefore it has no emotional weight to it at all. To be fair, you don’t bond through anyone except capon, every solitary character is mental numbingly dull. The talmberg guy, that i can’t also remember his name was so negative i actually wanted him to die by the end. And why space there american voices in this game? certain jarring to go from north henry to part old texan.

I can’t define how fed up i was by the point i got to the unlimited siege having quests. Felt much more like occupational than a game. If i had actually to price the game past the intro, it would certainly be a 5. The feeling of mastery in swordplay and also archery space the just reasons to play. As soon as you’ve obtained both of those down you realise just how shallow and nonsensical everything is.

And i can’t was standing the debate excusing poor writing and also character selection to ‘that’s what real world do’. If you’re walk to throw twists in, at the very least offer foreshadowing or provide a cutscene explaining johanka’s connection to the baron. Johanka speak ‘at the very least he was here’ is the single dumbest thing i’ve ever heard indigenous a video game character. I remained in jail you moron lmao.

The most disappointing gaming experience i’ve ever had in my life since the mass effect 3 ending. It no difficult, it wasn’t immersive, and also it no fun. That didn’t offer anything that hasn’t been done before.

if survive mechanics are your thing, pat the lengthy dark.

I don’t believe the game is garbage or anything prefer the most disappointing game in along time.

I have actually over 100 hrs in that so obviously the was interesting me on part level, minus my criticisms there space some really good parts come the game.

Do they perhaps need to take into consideration some the the objections laid out and also work on that for the next instalment, maybe.

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Kaven respectable 9, 2018, 6:26pm #19

Came back the next day wherein she pied me off ’ he’s not that bad’ ??? friend what? same with the priest - bond with him throughout the drink mission, help him out by carrying a sermon and he pies me off and refuses to assist the talmberg guy. Certain terrible.

You must spend an ext time v real human being

never ever met a women for who you do everything she wants, and she ends angry since you did that in a poor way?

And the priest … if sermon was good, then he will help you. If not, well, I can understand him. He has actually a lot of of problems on his head; he mostly made castle himself, however now he simply don’t desire to bother with you on height of everything.

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And why room there american voices in this game? certain jarring to walk from northern henry to some old texan.

The english speaking in middle ages bohemia was many jarring come me. Just how is this historically accurate? OMG muh immersion!

Regarding Johanka and her relation v the custodian, she tells you specifically not come interfere, the it would just worsen the instance for her and also the patients. She will manage the case on her own. Why walk you no listen to her and also got involved? You intended a kiss because that that?