Confucius, the Latinized surname of K"ung Fu-tzu (which method "Master K"ung"), was one of world"s great philosophers and also the inspiration for one of the world"s good religions. Although he was apparently not directly responsible for any far-reaching scientific breakthroughs, his philosophies and beliefs to be important factors that helped to stir several of the early on Chinese mathematical and scientific traditions.

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Like for this reason many ancient historical figures, very little is well-known of Confucius"s youth various other than that he was apparently born right into a noble family in the China the the Chou dynasty. Follow to classic stories, he quickly rose in the esteem that his superiors until, in ~ the prompting of jealous counselors, his prince progressively turned against him. By the age of 40 he had actually embarked ~ above the life of one itinerant philosopher and also scholar, traveling from town to town as assorted noble family members forced the onward.

In reality, this is probably far from the truth, and also it shows up as despite he in reality spent lot of his life together a retainer that the exact same duke and his successor. Follow me the way, specifically towards the finish of his life, Confucius started to tempt students who pertained to study through the master. His student listened and also recorded many of his most important thoughts, posting the Analects, a arsenal of Confucius"s teachings, after ~ his death in 479 b.c. Ironically, Confucius never considered himself a spiritual figure and died disappointed, encouraged his teachings would die through him.

"Confucius claimed . . . ," regularly heard in the contemporary West together the comic cliché to be for over 2 millennia indistinguishable to the Christian invocation, "Jesus stated . . . ." Confucius was not only a great philosopher, yet was likewise the father of Confucianism, a religious beliefs with more followers 보다 virtually any kind of other religious beliefs in history.

Confucius"s influence on Chinese assumed and culture certainly did not die through him and. In fact, it had a profound influence on China because that over 2,000 years. One of the results of Confucianism"s success remained in its encouragement of scholarship and study. This aided inspire many of the ancient Chinese scientists and also mathematicians, v the an outcome that numerous of the West"s technical innovations to be either borrowed from the Chinese or had already been independently emerged by the Chinese centuries earlier.

Confucius"s life was almost contemporaneous with that the Socrates (470?-399 b.c.), yet their lives might hardly have ended differently. Socrates, commemorated until he was condemned to fatality for not believing in the god he tried come understand, left a lasting impression on western thought, but little else. Confucius, on the various other hand, was mostly ignored (with the exception of his students) and also died certain he would certainly be easily forgotten. Not just was that remembered, yet he was revered as a god himself by future generations.


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