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We’re making use of Indiegogo to money the newest incarnation of Science Notes. A internet app that classroom teachers and homeschoolers have the right to use to make their Science program rock and roll! Our web advancement team is prepared to begin building and construction on a webwebsite that will be interenergetic, engaging and also interesting for students and also teachers! We"ll be building the application from the ground up via a commitment to the highest standards feasible. The goal is a web suffer that is interenergetic, entertaining, educational and fun. This internet application will be accessible across all platforms and also devices and will certainly be built to take benefit of the prospering trfinish of web capable classrooms using LCD projectors, interenergetic whiteboards, laptop computers and touchdisplay taballows.

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What is Science Notes?


Using music to inspire and communicate students is not a brand-new concept, however at we want to bring this concept on-line and into classrooms. By allowing teachers and also homeschoolers to have access to streaming media, interactive experiences, and also engaging material we hope to administer a spark that will kindle a lifelengthy interemainder in Science for young students everywhere the civilization. is dedicated to helping students get engaged in the Science curriculum and helping teachers integrate the Arts into their programming. Our product Science Notes is consisted of of 45 professionally arranged, studio created songs that targain the elementary institution Science curriculum. These songs are currently easily accessible on iTunes, and also other digital music providers, as well as having actually been played on a variety of children’s music radio stations and supplied in classrooms anywhere the world.

What else?

In enhancement to catchy tunes that lug Science vocabulary to life, we’ve added over 650 pperiods of activities that give teachers a selection of ways to assess student understanding. These peras include lyrics, fill-in-the-blanks and multiple option quizzes, word study pages, crosswords and also word searches, Art tasks and high level jobs such as composing and art prompts through scoring guides included. These accompanying assessments and also tasks, while curriculum oriented and enriching, are still just the "stage hands" for the real star of the show: the music.

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The great part about this project is that we recognize it works! There are plenty of educators throughout the world that swear by the motivating power of music to interact their students. We want to make sure that teachers everywhere have accessibility to high top quality music that is tailored particularly to the curriculum they should cover. Music is a good way to introduce vital vocabulary and principles to students that are just learning the English language or those that call for some remedial assistance. Music inspires those students that are in search of additional challenges and also those that are in need of additional assistance.

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We need your help! You deserve to earn a selection of fun and valuable perks by helping us money this amazing task. Even if you can’t donate, you have the right to still help us achieve our goal by spreading the word about Science Notes. Tell the Science and Music teachers at your college around us and let your administration know what we’re as much as. You can sfinish out links to this web page by means of email or social media so other fellow educators and also potential funders have the right to see the pitch and also uncover out what we’re all about! If you do donate, leave a comment that could inspire someone else to acquire behind us too. See a perk you prefer however it’s simply out of your price range? Find a colleague that’s likewise interested and also pool your donation funds; we desire you to be able to endure every little thing that Science Notes has to offer!