Hack squat device vs leg press. Both the hack squat and the leg press have fantastic impact in maintain your reduced body. If you do them properly, squatting practice pose tiny risk the injury to the knees. However, people with a background of knee or ago injury must consult your doctor prior to using hack squats or leg presses as part of your routine. And, similar to all exercises, hear to her body! If you experience pain when performing one exercise, stop and also consult your trainer to ensure you are using the proper technique.

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Remember that both the squat and the leg press are lower body exercises, and also work a range of leg muscles consisting of the quads, glutes, and also hamstrings.

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Hack Squat machine Vs foot Press

Although the squat is much an ext comprehensive and also uses the hips, torso, and core muscle to support your body as you do the squat.

However, with a foot press, friend can emphasis the initiative on mainly simply the legs. 

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Hack Squat Execution

Begin by leaning your back against the back pad and also placing her shoulders under the pads. Place your feet on the platform shoulder-width apart, v the toes pointed slightly outwards. Organize the stabilizer bars in her hands and disengage them from the safety place – on plenty of machines, this is excellent by squeezing the handle in towards the center. Straighten her legs, being careful to protect against locking your knees. Now you are all set to begin!

Pick a spot straight in former of friend on the wall or ceiling that you will stare at while you complete your reps. This will aid you keep a consistent posture. Slowly lower the unit by bending your knees, making sure to store your earlier flat and your head against the pad at all times to defend your lower earlier from injury.

Descend till your hips are in line with, or just slightly below, her knees. Then, advertise up v your heel, go back to your beginning position. Congratulations!

You have actually completed your very first rep top top a hack squat machine! as you continue, mental to breathe evenly and also keep your activities slow and also controlled in stimulate to prevent injuries. 


It may sound favor we space repeating oneself but ideal posture is an important to a successful workout that prevents injuries. Squats in certain can have the reputation of being bad for her knees. But they don’t need to be! protect against pointing your toes straight forward, as this can overload the cartilage the the knee.

Make sure your feet space far sufficient forward on the machine’s platform the you have enough room to do the squat without having actually your knees bent the end in prior of her toes.

Finally, remember the squats are not a race; slow, regulated movements not only safeguard your human body from injury, but aid you to acquire the most advantage out the the initiative you put right into your workout.

If you require some sports in her hack squat device routine, try out the narrow stance hack squat or the turning back hack squat! for the small stance, simply bring your feet together and then do the squat as before, but be conscious that this stance can put much more pressure on your knees so shot it through a little less weight and also for under reps to compensate.

For the turning back squat, lean her chest against the ago pad and also face the floor v your shoulders under the pads. Lower the machine until your thighs space perpendicular to her calves. See write-up on 5 Amazon finest Rated Exercise and also Fitness Equipments

Safety Guidelines

Additional safety and security considerations because that a successful hack squat routine involve your shoes and also equipment. A flat, athletic shoe is recommended to ensure the your feet maintain call with the platform without slipping. Relying on the lot of weight you space using, girlfriend may likewise want to think about investing in a load belt. 

Benefits the the Hack Squat over Leg Press

Better muscle Engagement: works your quads there is no excluding her hamstrings and also glutes. Overall toughness Improvement: This exercise boosts the work of auxiliary muscles, which boosts strength and volume.Exercises the top Body: In enhancement to functioning several large leg muscles, it also engages the top body to stabilize and support the load of the bar.


Leg push Execution

There are two varieties of leg push machines commonly found in gyms: ones that space parallel come the ground and ones that space angled. 

For an angled machine

Place yourself in the device with her back fully pressed versus the backrest. Ar your feet shoulder-width personally on the platform and also press firmly versus it, ready to take on the weight. Finally, unlock the safety bar of the maker (it is a lever generally found on the next of the machine).

Begin by gradually bending your knees in a controlled motion. When your knees involved your chest, push back versus the platform to raise the again while exhaling. That is really important to save your ago pressed firmly versus the earlier pad throughout the practice to protect your spine, and also to never lock your knees, also at complete extension. 

Parallel devices are similar, but you are seated instead of lie on her back, and you press the weight platform straight out in front of you, instead of up at an angle. In between the two, parallel makers are more suited because that beginners. 

Muscles worked on the Leg push Machine

With this practice you will largely work the top leg muscles, specifically the quadriceps. If the feet are put lower on the communication of the machine, girlfriend will largely work your quads. ~ above the other hand, if the feet room placed greater on the platform, the glutes and hamstrings will be much more engaged. You can also engage the adductors if you widen your stance. 

This exercise, while making use of a comparable movement to the hack squat does work-related slightly various muscles. Depending on the layout of machine, foot presses deserve to be a an excellent squat different for civilization suffering from bad knees or weak hips. 

The services of Leg press Over Squat Hack

Position and also Security: because of the sit position, foot press makers tend come be safer for civilization with former injuries or weak joints.

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More Weight: leg press makers can frequently accommodate a greater maximum weight giving you much more room come grow.Focus ~ above Quads: friend can focus your initiatives on one area of your legs (quads) or many locations (hams and glutes) merely by an altering your footing.

Which One is Better?


I can not conclusively say one is far better than another, they space both excellent exercises. However, every of them serves its very own purpose in a well balanced exercise routine.

If your emphasis is top top the lower body without neglecting the top body and also core, climate hack squats will do the job. However, if her main emphasis is strengthening her legs, then leg press is the way to go. But, if range with consistent growth is her aim: together a wise guy once said, “Why not execute both?”