Lesbos, or Lesvos, is the northernmost that the eastern Aegean islands of Greece, projecting out of the Asia young mainland. The is a birthplace of plenty of poets and also writers because the Greek antiquity.

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Mytilene is the funding of the Greek island that Lesbos, and its port. Photo: Kalogeropoulos, CC BY-SA 3.0.
Afrikaans: LesbosAlbanian: LesbosAlbanian: LesbosiAmharic: ለስቦስAncient Greek (to 1453): ΛέσβοςArabic: LesbosArabic: جزيرة لسبوسArabic: لسبوسArabic: مدلليArmenian: ԼեսբոսAzerbaijani: LesbosAzerbaijani: MidilliBasque: LesbosBelarusian: Востраў ЛесбасBelarusian: ЛесбасBreton: LesbosBulgarian: ЛезбосBulgarian: ЛесбосCatalan: LazbaCatalan: LazpasCatalan: LesbosCatalan: Metel·liCatalan: Metel·líCatalan: MetolíCatalan: Prefectura de LesbosCebuano: Nomós LésvouCentral Bikol: LesbosCentral Kurdish: لێزبۆسChinese: 列斯伏斯島Chinese: 勒斯波斯Chinese: 莱斯博斯岛Chinese: 莱斯沃斯Chinese: 莱斯沃斯岛Chinese: 萊斯博斯島Croatian: LesbosCroatian: LezbCroatian: LezbosCzech: Lesbos (obec)Czech: Lesbos (ostrov)Czech: Lesbos (regionální jednotka)Czech: LesbosCzech: LesvosCzech: Obec LesbosCzech: Ostrov LesbosCzech: Regionální jednotka LesbosDanish: LesbosDanish: LesvosDanish: MidilliDutch: LesbosDutch: LesvosEnglish: LesbosEnglish: MytileneEnglish: MytiliniEsperanto: LesboEsperanto: LesbosEsperanto: MitilenoEstonian: LesbosEstonian: LesvosEstonian: LésvosFaroese: LesbosFaroese: LesvosFinnish: LesbosFinnish: LesvosGalician: LazbaGalician: LesbosGeorgian: ლესბოსიGreek: ΛέσβοςGreek: ΜυτιλήνηGreek: Νομός ΛέσβουHebrew: לסבוסHungarian: LeszboszIcelandic: LesbosIndonesian: LesbosInterlingue: LesbosItalian: LesboItalian: LesbosItalian: Unità periferica di LesboItalian: Unità periferica di LesbosJapanese: ミティリニ島Japanese: レスボスJapanese: レスボス島Japanese: レスヴォス島Japanese: レズボスJapanese: レズボス島Korean: 레스보스Korean: 레스보스섬Kurdish: LesbosKurdish: لەسبۆسLatin: LesbosLatin: LesbusLatvian: LesbaLithuanian: LesbasMacedonian: ЛезбосMalay: LesbosMarathi: मिटिलिनीMarathi: लेस्बोसMarathi: लेस्व्होस बेटNeapolitan: LesboNorwegian: LésvosNorwegian Bokmål: LesbosNorwegian Bokmål: LesvarNorwegian Bokmål: LesverNorwegian Bokmål: LesvosNorwegian Bokmål: LésvosNorwegian Nynorsk: LesbosNorwegian Nynorsk: LesvosNorwegian Nynorsk: LésvosPersian: لزبوسPersian: لسبوسPolish: LesbosRomanian: LesbosRussian: ЛацпасRussian: ЛесбосScots: LesbosSerbian: LezbosSerbian: ЛезбосSerbian: ЛезвосSerbian: ЛесвосSerbian: Острво ЛезбосSerbo-Croatian: LezbosSerbo-Croatian: Otok LezbosSicilian: LesbosSicilian: LesbuSlovak: LesbosSlovak: LesvosSlovenian: LesbosSlovenian: LezbosSwahili: LesboSwedish: LesbosSwedish: LesvosSwedish: LésvosSwedish: MidilliSwedish: MidyllyTajik: LesbosTajik: ЛесбосThai: LesbosThai: เกาะเลสบอสThai: เลสบอสTurkish: LesbosTurkish: Lesbos IslandTurkish: LesvosTurkish: LésvosTurkish: MidilliTurkish: Midilli adasıUkrainian: ЛесбосUrdu: لزبوسUzbek: LesbosVietnamese: LesbosVietnamese: LesvosWaray (Philippines): LesbosWelsh: LesbosWelsh: LesvosWelsh: Ynys LesbosWestern Frisian: LesbosWestern Panjabi: لزبوسWu Chinese: 莱斯沃斯岛Yue Chinese: 列斯伏斯島Mitilíni
The real voyage that discovery is composed not in seeking new landscapes, yet in having new eyes. -Marcel Proust

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