Lil' Wayne used Waka Flocka Flame’s “O Let’s execute It” beat on the No Ceilings mixtape, notably, numerous months before Flocka and also the track had actually really got popularity and everyone… read More 

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Ooh, L-DonFuck the in this bitch v meFuq', fight the weedYou acquired all the shit, E-I?Ugh, ughI acquired Young Money up, and now, I got my feet upTune in this bitch, tell mine niggas throw them Bs upDoing what the fuck i want, dislike me every the fuck you wantReal niggas fuck v me, and I don't give a fuck who don'tLock the CEO up, and I'm the CEO, fuckPrison in February, and also I ain't in no rushDrink 'til ns throw up; nigga, roll more bluntsBall for this reason hard, man, ns gotta go pro onceHit 'em through the shotgun, speak to that shit "the avoid button"Call me Dr.

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Carter, AKA "Young Wild Nigga"AKA "No trial, nigga," AK, click-clack, pow, niggaFucking v the kid and also you'll be missing like Bilal, niggaYeah! Haha! Swagger stupid, pack a UziHundred clips, nigga? That's a movie, aim at her toupéeYou sweet as Kool-Aid, cream bruléeI'm sharp as Blu-Ray, ns fuck she todayThen she gotta skate—Young LupeI hit the win hard—Bobby BoucherI store them devices on me, obtain the screwfaceFlowers because that the dead, here's a bouquetL.V.'s, nigga, on every suitcaseY.M., nigga, it's a brand-new dayWe the champions, nigga, hoo-rayYeah! Hammer in the luigi duff'Take a nigga bitch, she offered me brains until I knew enoughBullet come too fast to adjustI don't provide a fuck around my roof the muchSo I put it in the trunk, and then, the coupe sped uptake the chopper the end the trunk and also just shoot the upI'm Weezy F. And the "F" is because that "Flame"Eat this rappers, chef of the gameShit on the track, shit top top the trainMurder the beat—the beat to be slainRest in peace, that's a shame, he death anybody songVersatile together fuck, i switch it up choose Dennis Rodman domeNo homo, girlfriend rocking wrong; rest in peace, my styrofoamNow, castle wanna understand what ns be onGet the fuck turn off my dick, mine cock, mine boneBi—Big money, my pockets long, brand-new Orleans, I gained my homeAnd they obtained my back—pause; no homo, no maricónSmoking on that private-grown, it put me whereby I belongAll around my cheese: cheddar, mozzarella, provoloneFuck she for one hour-long, let she take a shower, goneSorry baby, however I'm in mine I-don't-wan'-be-bothered zoneYeah! Haha, you're a groupie, gain on her dutyTwo women give me head, speak to that "Two-face"Bitch, I'm as well greatTake her food tray, ns was born top top doomsdayUgh! Ain—Ain't no nigga prefer me"What's up?" to my gang, huge B's choose a BreitlingTake a nigga bitch, she journey my cock like she cyclingThen, she can't walk, run, or jump, favor white menUgh! F—Fuck girlfriend niggas wanna do?No Ceilings, permit the bullets rain ~ above youWeezy F, the "F" is for "Fuck what you’re walking through"Make your people mourn you