When Live a Little, Love a tiny was exit in October 1968, it ongoing a trend started earlier that year by remain Away, Joe, which began the metamorphosis away from the long-established Elvis movie format. Director Norman Taurog was earlier for his ninth project through Presley, yet this one would be quite different from the earlier, song-filled, romantic romps on i beg your pardon the two had actually collaborated before. Automatically after the opening credits, the film makes a left revolve down “Bizarre Boulevard,” leaving timeless Elvis fans uneasy in your seats.

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The moment the quirky Bernice, played by Michele Carey, come on the scene with Albert, she canine enforcer, Live a Little, Love a little starts to wobble and also never quite regains the equilibrium. Secs after see Elvis’s character on the beach, Bernice, in effect, kidnaps him because that unknown reasons. She attempt to manage Elvis’s life is the basis of the picture’s storyline, however the viewer is not allowed to recognize her ultimate objective.

• Bernice maintained Everyone in the Dark

The plots of vault Presley features of the 1960s were typically based on some flimsy narrative through a romantic twist. Yet usually viewers knew beforehand what motivated the characters. In Live a Little, Love a Little, though, the whimsically eccentric Bernice keeps the audience, and Elvis, in the dark. “I have various names for various moods,” she explains for her use of alternate names, including Alice, Susie, Betty, and also Mrs. Baby. From the end of the blue, she tells Elvis, “I’ll bet you’re a marvelous lover,” and asks him, “Would you choose to do love come me?” just to push him away once he responds positively.

The opening sequence, with Albert chasing Elvis right into the surf, argues the start of a directly comedy. However, if comedy facets abound throughout, a dramatic strand shortly arises. Frustrated at very first (like the audience) through Bernice’s unpredictable behavior, Elvis’s character shortly turns angry and remains for this reason for most of the movie. The standard Presley-movie fight scene, featuring Elvis’s buddy Red West, together usual, is just one of the much more violent such sequences in every one of Elvis’s pictures. Later, Elvis even sucker-punches penis Sargent, who plays Bernice’s timid previous husband.

• Variety: one of Presley’s “dimmest vehicles”

In his review of October 9, 1968, range reviewer “Murf” called Live a Little, Love a small one that Presley’s “dimmest vehicles.” the added, “Story peg—why has actually Michele Carey efficiently kidnapped him?—is sidetracked in banal plotting and also trite dialog until the prize not just doesn’t matter, that is barely listed at all … Songs space dull, physical values room standard, and mediocrity prevails … listed below average b.o. Prospects impend for subway on basic duals.”

According come “Murf,” that had given Presley decent reviews end the previous couple of years, Live a Little, Love a small just couldn’t survive Michael A. Hoey and Dan Greenburg’s vague screenplay. “Miss Carey, and her persuasive good Dane, mysteriously dominate Presley’s life,” noted the reviewer. “Angle is unresolved so lengthy that ultimate explanation—something top top the stimulate of exactly how she has needed to come to be a woman—has long since been smothered out by Presley’s far more interesting day-lighting together a photographer for both conservative Vallee and also girlie mag publisher Don Porter.”


Live a Little, Love a Little gets out of the blocks quickly with Elvis jetting roughly in a dune buggy behind the opened credits. While the plot drags, the speed of activity never does, what v Presley gyeongju here and also there in his dune buggy or convertible, or running up and also down stairs in between his 2 photography jobs. Unfortunately, the movie transforms out to it is in in a hurry to obtain nowhere. In numerous past Elvis films, dull plots were compensated for by numerous Presley vocals or Hal Wallis’s it s as beautiful as picture settings. Aside from a host of babes, Live a Little, Love a Little has small scenery come offer, and also with Elvis giving only four songs, the music is too spread out to it is in an effective facet in the film.

• Elvis Threw in some Old Fifties Moves

Unlike many Presley pictures, this one has actually no title song or finish number. The passable “Wonderful World” is played end the opening credits. A dream sequence functions “The edge of Reality,” with Elvis even throwing in a couple of hip movements reminiscent the his fifties phase gyrations. The film’s best number is “A little Less Conversation,” through songwriter Mac Davis, that was becoming critical figure in Presley’s resurging recording career. Elvis’s final vocal was the bland ballad, “Almost in Love.”

At period 33, Elvis looked handsome and also in tip peak shape in Live a Little, Love a Little. It was the critical film that made prior to taping his 1968 NBC-TV “Comeback Special,” and also his work to acquire into physical condition for that occasion shows in his film job-related as well.

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Variety’s reviewer noticed something odd in Elvis’s illustration in the film, however. “For part reason, Presley’s makeup tones resemble the American Indian character he played in ‘Stay Away, Joe,’ while miss out on Carey’s flesh tones often are unnaturally pink. Makes for some inexplicable two-shots, though.”


• No Standout in Film’s huge Supporting Cast

Of the supporting cast, miss Carey has by far the biggest part. In fact, in the film’s early on going, she dominates Elvis not only in the storyline but also in dialog and camera time. Selection singled out prick Sargent, Eddie Hodges, and also Joan Shawlee together being “prominent in support.” nice Celeste Yarnall, to who Elvis sings “A little Less Conversation,” was favored as the “Most Promising brand-new Star” of 1968 by the national Association of Theatre Owners.