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Live the life of a warrior cat

Come and also play as a cat in a clan or it is in a kittypet, rogue, loner.You chose. Ur cat your destiny


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select ur clan wisely and also play as many personalities as girlfriend want. Pick whether to be in a clan, a rogue, a loner, a kittypet, or an animal outside the clan.follow all the gaia roles. And also to help make this ar a lil fun we ask that you would donate a tiny gold every as soon as in awhile. Friend MUST article 2 OR more A WEEK.Do no kill any type of other cat uneven they gave permission.
Our clans have constantly have been peaceful yet this could involved an finish at any given moment. Yet it has actually been many years due to the fact that the initial clans have gone to the lake. Now their their kin is in ~ the lake and rule it. Pick you way of life. Pick your very own destiny. Choose your course to what you think is right. Remember that Betrayal and also forbben love is what happens as soon as the dorn things space mingled. However a little twist isn"t bad.Clans ~Moonclan~LeaderDeputyMed. CatMed cat apprentice~Stormclan~Leader~ Shadowstar(tom)DeputyMed. Cat~Mintpebble(tom)Med Cat apprentice~Darkclan~Leader~Silverstar(she-cat)DeputyMed. Cat~Mistytail (she-cat)Med Cat apprentice~Mistclan~Leader~Cloudstar (she-cat)DeputyMed. Cat~Fogheart(tom)Med. Cat apprentice: Tanglepaw (she-cat) ~Starclan~ Miststar-tom, very an initial leader that Mistclan Leaftawny- she-cat, very first med. Cat of Mistclan Willowpond- she-cat that Mistclan Silvertooth-tom of Mistclan Ravenpaw- apprentice she-cat that Mistclan Shadowpaw- apprentice tom the Mistclan Tawnykit- she-kit the Mistclan waterkit- tom of Mistclan Darkstar- she-cat, an initial leader of Darkclan Echowhisper- tom, an initial med. Cat the Darkclan Dawnfang- tom that Darkclan Cloudstream- she-cat the Darkclan Blackpaw-she-cat that Darkclan Rosepaw- she-cat the Darkclan Fangkit-tom of Darkclan Dreamkit- she-cat the Darkclan Stormstar- tom, very first leader of Stormclan Shadowpool- she-cat, very first med. Cat the Stormclan Thunderpaw- apprentice tom the Stormclan Rainkit- she-kit the Stormclan Moonstar- she-cat, first leader of Moonclan Heatherwind- first med. Cat that Moonclan, she-cat Lunasky- tom the Moonclan Shinepaw-tom of Moonclan ~Rogues, Loners, Kittypets~ ~other Animals~The Warrior password as laid under by StarClan1. Safeguard your Clan, also with your life. You may have actually friendships through cats from various other Clans, yet your loyalty must stay to your Clan, as sooner or later you may satisfy them in battle.2. Carry out not hunt or tresspass on another Clans" territory.3. Elders and kits should be fed prior to apprentices and warriors. Unless they have permission, apprentices may not eat till they have hunted to feeding the elders.4. Food is eliminated only to it is in eaten. Provide thanks come StarClan because that it"s life.5. A kit need to be at the very least six moons old to end up being an apprentice.6. Freshly appointed warrior will store a quiet vigil one night ~ recieving your warrior name.7. A cat cannot be made deputy without having actually mentored at least one apprentice.8. The deputy will come to be the Clan leader when the leader dies or retires.9. After ~ the death or retirement the the deputy, a new deputy must be chosen prior to moonhigh.10. A collection of all four Clans is organized at the complete moon during a truce the lasts for the night. Over there shall it is in no fighting amongst Clans during this time.11. Limits must be confirm and marked daily. Challenge all tresspassing cats.12. No warrior may overlook a kit in ache or in danger, also if that kit is native a different Clan.13. Words of the Clan leader is the warrior code.14. One honorable warrior go not must kill other cats to success his battles, uneven they are external the warrior password or the is nessecary because that self-defense.15. A warrior rejects the soft life of a kittypet.Medicine info for medication CatsMarigold ~for infected wounds/preventionBurdock~ Root because that rat bitesJuniper Berries~ strength/bellyacheCatmint~ Greencough/BlackcoughPoppy Seeds~ pain/sleepNettle Seeds~ bellyacheHorsetail~ breath trouble/infected woundsWatermint~ bellyacheBorage Leaves~ fever/milkYarrow~ to do them puke miscellaneous badCobwebs~ bleedingDandelion ~Leaves feverYew~ bellyacheColtsfoot~ breathing trouble/feverFeverfew~ sickness/fever/infectionThyme~ shock/strengthTansy~ WhitecoughCatchweed~ for keeping poultices from rubbing offDock Leaves~ scratchesHoneysuckle~ ill throats/coughing/wheezingNectar~ to add sweet tasteMallow~ for stomach sickness/barfingColtsfoot~ breath trouble/feverRushes & Cobwebs~ binding damaged limbsOak Leaf~ for preventing wounds from getting infectedHoney & Nettle Leaf~ for warming cold/wet cat upCeremonies (For leaders)Apprentice to Warrior - I, (leader name), leader that (Clan name), speak to upon mine warrior ancestors to look down upon this young apprentice. He/she has actually trained tough to recognize the methods of her noble code, and also I commend him/her to you together a warrior in turn. (apprentice"s name), execute you promise come uphold the Warrior Code and also to protect and defend this Clan, also at the expense of her life? (apprentice claims I DO) climate by the powers of StarClan, I provide you your warrior surname (apprentice name), from this minute you will certainly be known as (warrior name). StarClan honors your loyalty and your intelligence, and we welcome you together a full warrior that (Clan name).New deputy - the moment has involved appoint a brand-new deputy. Ns say these words before StarClan, the the spirits of our ancestors hear and also approve mine choice. (warrior"s name) will certainly be the new deputy that (Clan name).Kit come Apprentice - This is a proud day for (Clan name). By naming apprentices, we show (Clan name) will survive and also remain strong. (kit"s name), until this apprentice recieve"s his/her warrior name, he/she will be known as (apprentice name).(warrior name), friend are all set for an apprentice, you will certainly be (apprentice name)"s mentor. I recognize you will pass on your (two skills the warrior posesses) come (apprentice name), and also teach him/her the an abilities that will make him/her a brave warrior the (Clan name).Warrior to elder - (warrior name), is it your wish to give up the surname of a warrior and go to sign up with the elders? (warrior says it is) your Clan honors you and all the organization you have offered us, I call upon StarClan to give you may seasons the rest.Name changing - soul of StarClan, you know every cat through name. Ns ask you currently to take far the name from the cat you see before you, for it no much longer stands for what he/she is. By mine authority together Clan leader, and with the approval of ours warrior ancestors, I offer this cat a brand-new name. From this minute on, he/she will be recognized as (new name), because that (reason surname was changed).In bespeak to sign up with you require to display me what friend think you desire ur surname to be and tell me wat clan you desire in. Give thanks to you and also have fun.more will be added later.