Photo mirrors Soccer City stadium, which resembles an African food preparation pot, in Soweto just external of Johannesburg ~ above December 13, 2009. Football City stadion is the key venue for The FIFA 2010 people Cup, organized for the very first time in Africa, and also the stadion will organize the opened match between South Africa and Mexico as well as the human being Cup last match. AFP photograph / ALEXANDER JOE (Photo credit should read ALEXANDER JOE/AFP/Getty Images)

1. Traffic lights are referred to as "robots."

young name Fisch/Flickr Commons

Saying "turn left in ~ the robot" is an impressively futuristic-sounding direction.

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2. The name "Johannesburg" is too long, and so the city has actually a plethora of nicknames: Joburg, Jozi, eGoli ("City of Gold").

Roxzy Lok/Flickr Commons


3. The city was developed on yellow mines. Literally.

Christopher Furlong/AFP/Getty Images

The southern component of Johannesburg is dotted v "slag heaps" — odd yellow hills revealing the background of mines past. Some of them are good because that sandboarding.


4. Nelson Mandela leg is beautiful through night.

Chris Kirchhoff/Media Club southern Africa Courtesy


5. In Yeoville, friend can try food from anywhere Africa.

Xiaojun Deng/Flickr Commons


6. In ~ an hour and also a half of Johannesburg, you can be ~ above safari, watching lions and elephants and also rhinos, oh my...

Warren Little/AFP/Getty Images


7. Woolworths still exist here, and it is the ideal thing ever.

Tristan Bodman/Flickr Commons

South Africans contact it "Woolies," and also it is a much cry native the five-and-dime stores of America"s past. In south Africa, Woolworths is an upscale grocery save chain v convenient, posh food.


8. Southern African hipsters. However not in a bad way.

Derek Smith/Flickr Commons


9. Highveld storms.

Matt Dowdeswell/Flickr Commons

Stunning thunder and also lightning storms fury over Johannesburg throughout the summer merganser season, sometimes for one hour a day. The best view is from the Ponte tower downtown.


10. Roadside feather duster vendors.

mark Kolbe AFP/Getty Images


11. Going out for a nice dinner and also several party of south African wine with friends won"t cost you an arm or a leg.

Rod/Flickr Commons


12. The Gautrain bring away you come the airplane in 15 minutes.

Henti Smith/Flickr Commons


13. Johannesburg is sporty, in a post-colonial way.

Adam Pretty/AFP/Getty Images

There"s soccer at football City, cricket at Wanderers and also rugby at Loftus in Pretoria just down the road.


14. Weekend industries in Braamfontein and also the Maboneng district revitalized areas of downtown.

Neighbourgoods Market/Facebook Courtesy


15. The newspaper sector is properly old school.

Odd Andersen/AFP/Getty Images

With morning and evening editions! Newspaper hawkers in the street! Posters with the day"s many salacious headlines plastered in street lights!


16. Johannesburg is an African melt pot — a mix of human being from south Africa, the african continent, and around the world.

Damien du Toit/Flickr Commons


17. Johannesburg"s most famous former resident.

Chris Jackson/Getty pictures


18. Metropolitan wildlife: spotted eagle owls, bushbabies, and also the ubiquitous hadeda ibis (no city lions, sorry).

Linda Jinterwas/Flickr Commons


19. Johannesburg is a fashion capital, a hub for African designers, with motivating street styles.

Gianluigi Guercia/AFP/Getty photos

20. The sunset end the city skyline.

Gianluigi Guercia/AFP/Getty images

21. And every November, Johannesburg transforms purple.

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Martie Swart/Flickr Commons

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