Sif was Thor’s beautiful wife. She had gold hair unlike any kind of other. One day, Loki made decision to sneak into her bedroom and also cut the off. This brought about a series of occasions resulting in Loki’s mouth gift sewn shut and also the gods receiving six magnificent treasures.

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So, Why was Loki’s Mouth Sewn Shut?

Loki had cut the hair the Thor’s mam Sif. Together punishment Loki had actually to acquire two dwarves to do her some brand-new hair. Loki cheat the dwarves into making a variety of fine treasures along with the replacement hair. The dwarves, Brokk and also Eitri, took revenge through sewing Loki’s mouth close up door in stimulate to stop him tricking any kind of other people.

To understand this story in much more detail, lets proceed on.

Sif’s Hair and also the treasures of the Gods

One night Loki decides come sneak right into Sif and also Thor’s bedroom. He climate takes Sif’s hair best from the roots. This pipeline her bald and also Thor enraged. He speak Loki if he doesn’t get brand-new hair because that Sif, Thor will proceed to rest Loki’s skeletal over and also over again, day in and also day out. Loki speak him he will certainly go come the dwarves and also that they can fix this mess Loki has created.

Loki goes to the dwarves and meets Ivaldi’s three sons. He speak them the dwarves Brokk and Eitri might make better treasures than they could. The young of Ivaldi disagree, however Loki claims Brokk and also Eitri have challenged them. Each collection of dwarves is come make 3 treasures because that the gods. The young of Ivaldi agree. Loki then goes across the way to Brokk and also Eitri and also gives castle the very same speech which results in them being “challenged” by Ivaldi’s sons together well.

Brokk speak Loki that if he and also his brother win, lock will desire Loki’s head. That agrees, but he also comes up through a plan. Loki, being capable of transforming forms, changes into a fly. That is figured out to harass the crafting procedure for Brokk and Eitri, together he doesn’t want them to win and take his head. The black color fly is unable to interrupt the procedure of the boar whose bristles to be made v gleaming gold. It was likewise unable come disturb the process of the armband called Draupnir.

The fly was totally furious in ~ this point. It couldn’t let the final treasure be made without a hitch. It flew in ~ Brokk and also started attacking his eyelids. The dwarf retained pumping the forge, also though his eyes were stinging. As soon as he was finally done, the hammer the had created was nowhere close to as perfect as has originally to be planned. Eitri speak Brokk he deserve to go in his location to Asgard and also present the treasures. The god Odin, Thor, and also Frey to be the ones that were responsible for judging the treasures. Loki presented the spear, Gungnir come Odin. He then presented the beautiful new gold hair to Sif.

Finally, he gave the ship, Skidbladnir to Frey. The god were really impressed v the prizes made by Ivaldi’s sons. But, there to be still more treasures that needed to it is in presented. Brokk provided Odin the golden armband called Draupnir. The then offered Frey the boar made with gold bristles. Finally, he gift the hammer, Mjollnir, come Thor.

While its handle was an extremely short, it was said to never miss out on its target and could change sizes in ~ Thor’s will. Thor was beyond himself. He assumed the manage being brief was just a minor cosmetics issue and didn’t influence how exorbitant he thought the hammer come be. The gods spoke among themselves and also then decided Brokk and his brothers Eitri were the winners.

Loki make the efforts to obtain out the the deal he made through the brothers by offering them treasures, yet Brokk claims they have enough of that. Loki then states fine, they deserve to have his head so long as they can catch him. When Loki gyeongju off, Thor supplies his new hammer to lug Loki back. Over there is no escaping because that Loki. Loki then states Brokk can have his head yet he can’t have his neck. Brokk agrees come this and instead the cutting off Loki’s head, the stitches Loki’s mouth shut.


Why go Loki cut off Sif’s Hair?

Loki was constantly known because that his troublemaking tendencies. He was significantly entertained by leading to other human being pain and also watching together horrible occasions unfolded. Once Thor inquiry Loki why the would perform such a point to Sif, Loki’s an answer was he to be drunk and also he found it funny. Loki’s plot were frequently caused by him gift bored.

He couldn’t really go for any type of length the time without causing some kind of trouble. The certain night he cuts off Sif’s hair, he to be feeling exceptionally mischievous and could just silence the advice to perform something fowl by cutting she hair right off her head.

Who are Brokk and also Eitri?

Brokk and Eitri space the 2 dwarves responsible because that sewing Loki’s mouth shut. They are likewise the dwarves responsible for developing the boar with the golden bristles, the golden armband, Draupnir, and also Thor’s hammer, Mjolliner. Lock come into the story after ~ Loki visits the boy of Ivaldi.

Once he has challenged the 3 sons that Ivaldi, he goes to Brokk and also Eitri and also tells castle they have been tested to a challenge by Ivaldi’s sons. If the dwarves don’t believe it is anything other than Loki stirring up trouble, they execute agree come partake in the challenge.

Loki turns into a fly and also tries everything he can to interrupt your crafting. But, as soon as judged through the gods, that was reputed Brokk and Eitri had actually won with the beautiful treasures. Their prize was to sew Loki’s mouth shut.

Is Lady Sif a Valkyrie?

No, Lady Sif is not a Valkyrie. She was recognized to be the goddess of the earth and fertility. She is additionally at times, often linked with earth’s vegetation. Part sources think her hair is in reality representative of wheat or moss.

Does Loki often Trick the various other Gods?

Loki is constantly tricking the various other gods. He finds pleasure in leading to them pain and strife. Nothing renders Loki happier than to clock the gods fight amongst themselves or v others. Loki frequently pretends he is a useful friend as soon as really he is the one who has actually caused the difficulties in the first place.

He takes Sif’s golden hair in The treasure of the Gods, however it results in him having 6 precious treasures developed for the gods. While he does cause trouble, it is practically like that feels the have to fix what he has actually done together well. Over there is a battle in Loki, and although the evil side does finish up win in the end, that does have actually his moments wherein something kind outcomes from his actions.

This to be why his connection with the gods was so complicated. They hated him numerous times, but they also loved him as well. He often walks a good line v the gods, yet it isn’t until he at some point betrays them that there will certainly be no coming back from his actions.

Final Thoughts

Loki to be a important mischievous frost giant. The is important a wonder why the gods preserved him about at all. He brought about all path of difficulties for everyone. He isn’t really loyal to anyone but himself.

This story that the treasures mirrors you part other interesting beings native the vikings universe. The dwarfs were very important in the myths often crafting special items and objects because that the god to wield.

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