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drachenkinder asked: I"m curious around the depictions the Loki v red hair. Thor is discussed as having red hair and also Heimdall as having actually white-blond hair, yet Loki"s hair color isn"t mentioned. That is because of the same of the word logi (Fire) with Loki? Or since foxes where seen as tricksters in some European cultures? also I think that what he"s mentioned as having actually odd colored eyes but I"m not finding that reference now. Therefore is red hair simply a tradition?

We don’t obtain much physical summary of the god in general. Technically, nobody of the things you cite are explicitly proclaimed in the Eddas. Thor having red hair is a individual tradition. The line about Hemdallr gift “white” can mean he’s got really blond hair, however it could also mean the he’s a nice guy or that he’s effeminate. (The fact that it’s lugged up right prior to he argues cross-dressing come Thor type of provides me lean toward the latter, personally.) and also the just physical summary we get of Loki is one off-hand comment through Snorri in Gylfaginning that he’s attractive. No thinking behind why he’s attractive, just that that is. His hair color and also eye shade are never ever mentioned.

The reason he’s often shown as a redhead in art is since of Jacob Grimm’s now-disproven concept that Loki and Logi the god that fire room the very same figure based upon etymology. (The contemporary academic consensus is that the two words don’t in reality share the exact same root.) Wagner ran through Grimm’s concept in the Ring Cycle, and the remainder is history. Some civilization depict him through fiery red eyes for the exact same reason.

To this day, some people are really attached to the redhead point for some reason, and will try to “correct” friend if you challenge depict him as anything else. But the reality remains that he’s a shapeshifter through no recorded hair or eye color in the lore, and that he’s no literally a human with a physical body to begin with. “Seeing” the with one more hair shade is perfectly fine and also doesn’t typical your experiences space invalid. I almost never have him present up together a redhead myself.

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- mod E

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