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Standing on the Star Boat, Nie Tian gazed dvery own at the vast earth.

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Mountains and also lakes stretched as far as the eye might watch, in addition to overgrvery own ancient trees and fresh green soul grass.

Herb gardens can be viewed practically almost everywhere, through all kinds of rare heart grass that could be provided to make high-grade medicinal pills prospering in them.

Crude wooden residences sat in mountain valleys, wright here Qi warriors that exuded well-off lumber auras were practicing cultivation.

Red-crowned cranes and various other rare birds flew approximately clear lakes, wbelow fish were swimming happily and openly.

Powerful Qi warriors dwelt in the cyan mountains. Void and Saint domain specialists could be seen everywhere.

A wide variety of exotic flowers and rare herbs thrived in the Realm of Wood Spirit, filling the whole realm with soothing hardwood power, which made it a blessed land for those who practiced lumber power incantations.

Nie Tian also sensed pleasure in the Godspirit Tree sapling in his hardwood power core.

This made him realize that this realm was a suitable location for Godspirit Trees to grow in.

Then, he examined his surroundings with rapt attention, and discovered that the hardwood power in the Realm of Wood Spirit seemed to be flourishing by itself, as if it would certainly never before run dry.

After wondering for a while, he couldn’t help but ask, “Senior Ruan, is tbelow a Heaven Nourimelted grade treacertain favor the Godspirit Tree in the Realm of Wood Spirit? As much as I know, just a Heaven Nourimelted grade wood-attributed treacertain have the right to readjust a realm this means.”

The Divine Flame had actually got to the Domajor of Flame’s End from the depths of the starry river.

It had left flame sparks in all of its worlds, leading to them to go with changes and vesting them through the capacity to channel flame power from the starry river. By doing that, it had turned every one of the worlds in the Doprimary of Flame’s End right into fiery heaven and also earths.

That was when Nie Tian had initially realized that particular rare prizes can reason transforms in realms.

The way he observed it, the dark stone Dong Li had acquired from the Sixth Demon Realm was such a rare treacertain. Its existence had enveloped the Sixth Demon Realm in darkness, and also developed a forbidden place like the Dark Foremainder.

“Tbelow was a treacertain favor that, however that was a long time ago.” Ruan Qingliu seemed careful with her option of words. “But I’m still not a member of the Five Elements Sect, also though I practice timber power. So I don’t know much around the lumber facet sect’s tricks.”

She was just Hou Chulan’s subordinate.

In this sense, she was like Jing Feiyang, Quan Zixuan, and also the other professionals that adhered to Nie Tian, that were Nie Tian’s subordinates, but not members of Old Fragmentary Star Palace.

For that reason, it was understandable that she didn’t understand much around the Realm of Wood Spirit.

“So tright here was such a treasure... But what around now?” Nie Tian asked curiously.

“I expect it’s no much longer right here,” Ruan Qingliu said, looking rather uncertain around her answer.

Huang Jinnan chuckled. “Why ask her, yet not me? The Realm of Wood Spirit, the Realm of Gold Spirit, and the Realm of Fire Spirit were initially continuous heaven and also earths through nopoint special about them. They were made special later.”

Nie Tian looked at him attentively, waiting for him to bring on.

After a minute of hesitation, Huang Jinnan said, “Well, this is kind of a secret of my sect. I shouldn’t tell you also much about it… Heaven Nourished grade prizes have actually existed in the Realm of Water Spirit and the Realm of Earth Spirit since the exceptionally beginning. But that’s not the case via the Realm of Wood Spirit, the Realm of Gold Spirit, and also the Realm of Fire Spirit. Later, my sect vested each of them through a Heaven Nourished grade treacertain, permitting them to immediately transcreate into blessed lands for those who cultivate hardwood power, metal power, and also flame power.

“But now, the Realm of Wood Spirit currently no longer requirements that Heaven Nourimelted treacertain to channel hardwood power from the starry river.”

Surprised, Nie Tian asked, “Why?”

Huang Jinnan smiled and sassist, “As long as the head of the lumber aspect sect is still about, the Realm of Wood Spirit will certainly be able to channel power from the starry river and infusage itself through endless wood power.”

Just as Nie Tian was around to ask another question, Lou Hongyan from the fire facet sect interrupted him. “Nie Tian, I reported to my grasp that you’re currently holding the Flame Dragon Armor.”

“What did he say?” Nie Tian’s expression readjusted.

The ownership of the Flame Dragon Armor continued to be an unaddressed concern. By stimulating it with his Blood Essence, he had actually awakened its Blood Core, vesting it through unprecedented vitality. It had already end up being one of his a lot of important possessions.

Of course he wouldn’t want to give it to the fire facet sect.

Lou Hongyan seemed ill-at-ease as she said, “My master said that you can store the Flame Dragon Armor, however he hopes that you’ll lend it to him as soon as he needs it. That suit of armor itself isn’t very essential. However, it carries a secret, which even my grasp hasn’t identified completely. So...”

Nie Tian assumed briefly and sassist, “Albest, he have the right to borrow it. But I want to recognize what secret that suit of armor holds. I hope he’ll share it with me.”

“Well, let’s talk around that as soon as he demands to borrow the suit of armor.” Lou Hongyan seemed distressed whenever she talked about the Flame Dragon Armor.

After all, she was the one who had lost it to another in the first area. Otherwise, Nie Tian wouldn’t have actually acquired it.

Besides, Nie Tian had motivated brand also new alters in it, and also he had helped the Five Elements Sect consistently. She couldn’t simply take it earlier.

They flew previous hill after hill as they spoke.

“There,” Ruan Qingliu said, pointing at a cyan mountain height in front of them. Several bamboo pavilions can be viewed at the mountainpeak.

Hou Chulan was standing in front of among them, waving at Nie Tian through a smile on her challenge.

Puzzled, Nie Tian asked in a low voice, “Why didn’t you set up a teleportation portal in these mountains? That would certainly conserve you the trouble of traveling ago and also forth in between here and also the teleportation portal.”

“The Realm of Wood Spirit is different from the other primary realms,” Huang Jinnan described. “It’s an essential herb garden for not just my sect, yet for every one of humanity. And that’s because many exotic flowers and rare grass deserve to only be grew right here. However before, unusual spatial fluctuations would take a toll on the expansion of those herbs.

“For that factor, the inter-domajor teleportation portal was put up in a remote location, so that its procedure won’t undermine the medicinal properties of the herbs.”

Enlightened by his words, Nie Tian nodded. “So that’s just how it is.”


Five numbers flamelted out of the bamboo pavilion one after an additional.

They were old males and also women. However before, each and every among them was at the late Saint domajor, and exuded a shockingly solid aura.

After landing, Lou Hongyan and also Huang Jinnan bowed respectcompletely in the direction of the 5 elders.

“Greetings, Elder Wang.”

“Greetings, Elder Li...”

Then, Huang Jinnan turned to Nie Tian and presented, “These are our respected elders of the lumber element sect. Several of them are well-versed in alchemy. Some are brilliant fighters. Some specialize in healing, while others are in charge of cultivating spirit plants and also medicinal grass.

“They’re all professionals of the same generation as the present head of the hardwood facet sect.”

Hearing this, Nie Tian additionally bowed respectfully towards the 5 of them, as Huang Jinnan and also Lou Hongyan had actually.

With a faint smile, Hou Chulan sassist, “Don’t be nervous, Nie Tian. I only asked the elders to be right here bereason I want to make certain that every little thing goes well as soon as I attempt to break with into the Saint doprimary. This is Nie Tian, the seventh Son of the Stars of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace. Senior Lu Jiefeng only managed to secure a wisp of his soul bereason he and Pei Qiqi had damaged free from the Domajor of Nether Heaven in time, and spreview word of what had actually occurred in tright here.

“And if it weren’t for him, I might have been trapped and eliminated by Phantasms and also Fiends in the Doprimary of Heaven’s Origin not long back, and suffered the exact same fate as Mou Luo.”

Even though the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace didn’t know much around what had actually taken place in the time of their trip in the Domajor of Heaven’s Origin, these elders of the lumber aspect sect knew it all.

Being reminded that Lu Jiefeng had actually secured his possibility at reincarnation bereason of Nie Tian, they all addressed him via warmth, giving looks.

“Chulan!” A deafening voice that sounded favor a thunderclap echoed out from the remote skies. “You trying to break with into the Saint doprimary is such a paramount issue. How come you didn’t tell me about it?”

In the following moment, everyone spotted He Lianxiong, that was burly like a mountain, even though he was still a far-ranging distance from them.

“That guy again...” Hou Chulan frowned and muttered, before providing Ruan Qingliu a tough look.

Ruan Qingliu hastily defined, “I have nothing to do through this, Divine Daughter! I swear that I didn’t tell him anything this time! I don’t know just how he learned about this!”

He Lianxiong arrived through a loud whoosh. Without greeting anyone, he set his eyes on Nie Tian. “Nie Tian! What are you doing here?”

Nie Tian offered a cold harrumph. “Unfavor you, the Divine Daughter of the timber aspect sect sent for me. So I cleared my schedule and came here.”

He Lianxiong curled his lips. “Hmm? You’ve entered the Soul realm. Not negative. But still, Chulan is attempting to break through right into the Saint doprimary. How deserve to you help her?”

“What have the right to you perform to help?” Nie Tian countered.

“I uncovered her a number of prizes that will boost her chance at a effective breakthrough,” He Lianxiong shelp arrogantly.

Upon hearing these words, all 5 elders of the timber aspect sect turned their heads towards him as their eyes lit up.

He Lianxiong was a stepboy of the sectunderstand of the Heaven Span Pavilion. The prizes he brought need to be extraordinary.

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As far as they were came to, Hou Chulan necessary all the aid she can gain to smoothen her breakthrough into the Saint doprimary.