One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to uncover them, One Ring to lug them all and also in the darkness tie them In the soil of Mordor where the Shadows lie.

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The mr of the Rings" standard tale has listed England v a mythology that appears as real as that of enlarge lore. Following the quest of Frodo and also the Fellowship of the Ring to return the One Ring come Mordor, destroying Sauron and also his militaries in the expect of restoring peace to the lands of center Earth, this epic fantasy provides all the elements of a good tale and great legend. This 50th anniversary text is based on the setting of the HarperCollins three-volume hardcover version of 2002, which to be a review of the HarperCollins reset execution of 1994. Conveniently packaged in one volume, this 50th anniversary execution of JRR Tolkien"s standard The lord of the Rings maintains the breaks between the 3-volume set, and Tolkien"s division of the text right into six "books." Appendices and indexes are additionally included. 1178 pages, softcover.
Title: The mr of the Rings: 50th Anniversary One-Volume EditionBy: J.R.R. TolkienFormat: PaperbackNumber of Pages: 1177Vendor: house Mifflin HarcourtDimensions: 8.25 X 5.5 X 1.75 (inches)Weight: 2 pounds 9 ouncesISBN: 0618640150ISBN-13: 9780618640157Stock No: WW640157

A PBS an excellent American Read peak 100 pick One Ring to dominance them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to lug them all and also in the darkness tie them In ancient times the rings of strength were do by the Elven-smiths, and also Sauron, the Dark Lord, forged the One Ring, pour it until it is full it v his very own power so that he can rule every others. Yet the One Ring to be taken native him, and though that sought it transparent Middle-earth, the remained shed to him. After countless ages it fell by chance into the hand of the hobbit Bilbo Baggins. Native Sauron's fastness in the Dark Tower the Mordor, his power spread far and also wide. Sauron gathered all the great Rings come him, but constantly he looked for the One Ring that would finish his dominion. When Bilbo reached his eleventy-first date of birth he disappeared, bequeathing come his young cousin Frodo the judgment Ring and also a perilous quest: to journey across Middle-earth, deep right into the shadow of the Dark Lord, and destroy the Ring by casting it into the cracks of Doom. The mr of the Rings tells of the great quest undertaken by Frodo and also the Fellowship the the Ring: Gandalf the Wizard; the hobbits Merry, Pippin, and Sam; Gimli the Dwarf; Legolas the Elf; Boromir of Gondor; and a tall, secret stranger dubbed Strider. This brand-new edition contains the fiftieth-anniversary completely corrected text setup and, because that the first time, one extensive new index. J.R.R. Tolkien (1892-1973), beloved throughout the human being as the creator of The Hobbit, The lord of the Rings, and also The Silmarillion, was a professor the Anglo-Saxon in ~ Oxford, a fellow of Pembroke College, and also a fellow of Merton College till his retirement in 1959. His chief attention was the linguistic aspects of the beforehand English written tradition, however while that studied standard works of the past, the was creating a collection of his own.

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J.R.R. TOLKIEN (1892–1973) is the creator the Middle-earth and author of such classic and also extraordinary functions of fiction as The Hobbit, The lord of the Rings, and The Silmarillion. His publications have been translated into more than fifty languages and also have sold numerous millions of copies worldwide.