Thirteenth century Persian poet Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi is widely well-known for his poems the ecstasy, devotion and praise because that the an excellent mystery of the human being experience. His poem “Love Dogs” speaks of a cry of longing from both the perspective of the caller and the one that is referred to as for. The poem begins with a guy calling the end for comfort and connection:

One night a male was crying,“Allah, Allah!”His lips grew sweet v the praising,until a cynic said,“So! I have heard youcalling out, however have friend evergotten any kind of response?”The man had actually no answer for that.

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He quit praying and fell into a perplexed sleep.

The puzzled man climate encounters a overview in his dreamswho asks why he stopped praying. The male replies, “because I’ve never heard anything back.” The overview then reveals:



“This longing girlfriend expressis the return message.”The grief girlfriend cry out fromdraws you toward union.Your pure sadness that desires helpis the secret cup.

It is the cry of longing, the grief, which makes space in oneself to get the wisdom that the capacity one has to reach because that love and also wholeness is the very same capacity one has to cultivate those things. That which us seek currently has a seed within us.

Listen to the moan of a dog because that its master.That whining is the connection.There room love dogs no one knows the name of.Give your life to be among them.

These love dogs room us, in ours truest, wildest nature. They are calling the end to be held — to be understood, and also comforted — through a feeling of belong in the world. They space the ones who praise because they have been uplifted, and also they space the ones who hearts break because they have actually been loved. Those love dogs amongst us room singing love song born native a love that has actually been damaged open.

And so it need to be through us and also our damaged hearts. To be upper heart is to be bereaved — literally, “to be torn asunder.” The art and also skill of grief, top top the other hand, is what we choose to do with what we uncover at the facility of the damaged heart. Our relationships specify our feeling of me — they space the mirror through which we understand ourselves. The cry the the love dogs is released when that mirror is shattered, revealing the jewel that those relationship that quiet live within us.

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Read the complete version the Love Dogs and enjoy Coleman Barks reading his own translation in the video clip below.