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Cold Laser therapy or low Level Laser treatment (LLLT) at ago Pain, Neck pain & Headache Relief facility is a treatment that utilizes particular wavelengths of irradiate to communicate with organization in bespeak to accelerate the healing process. It have the right to be provided on patients who endure from a selection of acute and also chronic problems in stimulate to help eliminate pain, swelling, minimize spasms and also increase optimal functionality. We space proud come announce that the Cold Laser Therapy device used at earlier Pain, Neck pains & Headache Relief center is absolutely state of the art and also FDA cleared for cellular regeneration.

Cold Laser Therapy is one of the best and also most efficient solutions for dealing with your pain, every without the dangerous impacts of invasive surgery and also prescription medicine or painkillers. At ago Pain, Neck pains & Headache Relief Center, our Cold Laser supplies low level irradiate rays i beg your pardon are took in by the skin, which rises cellular repair and tissue healing. Cold Laser treatment is the preferred an approach of treatment for expert athletes and Olympic teams throughout the entire United States. An international medical research studies have shown safe and proven relief because that the adhering to conditions:

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Arthritis/ joint Pain Back/Neck ache Bursitis Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Fibromyalgia hoe Spurs/Plantar Fasciitis Knee pains Migraine Headaches Muscle Pain/Spasms
Nerve Pain/Radiculopathy Sciatica Shoulder/Rotator Cuff pains Sprains/Strains Tendonitis/Tendinopathy Tennis Elbow TMJ Pain/Dysfunction Trigeminal Neuralgia Whiplash

What is Tendonitis? Tendonitis is the inflammation that the fibrous cord (tendon) that attaches a muscle come a bone. The many common cause of this inflammation is what is referred to as a repetitive stress (or strain) injury. By generally overusing a muscle with a repetitive motion, for example while playing tennis, golf or making use of a computer system keyboard for hrs at a time, a tendon becomes inflamed. Where there is inflammation, there is usually pain. If the website of irritation has actually no chance to rest and also recover, and the inflammation continues, climate fibrin and other inflammatory "debris" will certainly accumulate. This, in addition to a to decrease in blood vessel activity will lead to fibrosis and the development of scar tissue.

What is a “Spur"? A spur is a calcification that creates where a tendon attaches to a bone. This is the last stage of a chronic tendonitis condition. Fortunately, Cold Laser therapy is the most reliable treatment because that tendonitis. Cold Laser treatment works by stimulating the rebirth of organization at the cellular level (such as cartilage). It also stimulates and re-establishes blood flow to an acute or chronic injury site. This helps carry built up inflammatory "debris" away from the injury website and enable healing nutrients right into the area. In situations when a spur formation exists, even though the spur remains, the Cold Laser can properly treat the site and remove the linked inflammation and also in many cases, permanently eliminate the pain.

What is Arthritis? There space several forms of arthritis, however the most usual is "wear and tear" or "degenerative" arthritis. This is just a wearing under of any kind of joint because of injuries, repetitive stress/strain, or indigenous chronic structural imbalances (bad posture, etc.). The best way to diagnose degenerative arthritis is by x-ray. The two things that have the right to usually be visualized are: a wearing of cartilage (evidenced generally by decreased space between the bones) and an enhanced calcium buildup on the joint surface of the bone (spurs space an example). Just as in the instance of tendonitis, Cold Laser Therapy has proven come be an extremely effective therapy for arthritis due to the fact that of its capability to wake up the renewal of cartilage and also to cure inflamed tissue. A person could have complete absence of share pain and have much enhanced mobility native Cold Laser therapy treatments, even though x-rays still present severe degeneration.

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If girlfriend or anyone you recognize is experiencing from chronic or acute musculoskeletal pain, call earlier Pain, Neck pain & Headache Relief facility today in ~ (661) 829-5966. Scheduling an appointment at our Bakersfield office is the first step come a pain free life!