I've gained some brand-new insights since the critical write-up, and likewise I felt favor doing another write up on just how awesome Lu Bu is. He's on the cover for chrissakes.

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"Don't fucking pursue Lu Bu!"

Lu Bu is favor the man Wick of empire Warriors. We all understand that by now, to fear him once he's top top the enemy side. In my critical write-up ns expressed exactly how ridiculously powerful Lu Bu is in DW8 XL. The does not hold earlier on his sheer rage. Lu Bu is so solid you might replace his halberd with a kebab and also he'd still damage things on Ultimate. (Bonus: His 'unique' DLC weapon is an yes, really skewer that meat.) The ultimate fucking beast, Lu Bu has the highest base stats of all the characters (before maxing stats); the halberd has actually the highest possible base strength of every weapons; he has actually the hardest hitting Musous in the game, and also one that the most OP movesets. Every making a perfect mix of among the couple of literally unstoppable, 'God-mode' characters in DW8.

He's the just character to have his very own theme song, the plays every time you encounter him. His music motif is likewise the main theme song of dynasty Warriors because many DW gamings ago.

Flurry - Frenzy - Roar - slash - Velocity - Jubilation

Flurry - Frenzy - Roar - Aggression - Velocity - Jubilation/Triumph

Attack, Mighty Roar, rage springs, Musou Springs

This is my 'default' setup for Lu Bu. Double Musou weapons, essentially for spamming Musou as lot as possible. Lu Bu is crazy powerful. All three of his Musous space strong, v Air Musou gift the many useful. The hits like a atom bomb, refills Musou very well with Roar, has massive AOE, giant damage and is unblockable. While the is one-hit only, the damage can quickly one-shot something on Ultimate the isn't a double-defence or Hyper officer. Together a next note, when dealing with Lu Bu on any challenge above tough (especially Ultimate), always have one bar that Musou in reserve, best two. Due to the fact that should you hit Lu Bu into the air and also the AI Musou-counters you, friend cannot outrun the Musou Attack. The AOE is just massive; also with characters with exploitable speed like Da Qiao and also Zhou Tai, i couldn't gain away indigenous Lu Bu in time and also just acquired obliterated instantly.

His R1 Musou is additionally one of the highest damaging Musous in DW8 XL. It's a grapple move, and also the early stage stun and grab likewise do damage (plus they give you combo count, activating damage boost with Flurry). Capable of one-shotting anything that isn't an additional Lu Bu. The just 'downside' of this Musou is gift a grapple attack the possibility of failure, i.e. Missing, is clearly higher. Add to it likewise cannot it is in 'aimed' ~ activation. Luckily, since the overkill wasn't enough, the miss-grab version of R1 Musou is also an extremely good. Functionally it's a self-buff, providing Lu Bu a defence an increase for a brief period, and Hyper armor (cannot it is in flinched) for the term of the buff. Very situationally useful if you're in one area with a most archers/ballistas/fucking fire juggenaughts. Very couple of characters have the capacity to give themselves a buff that makes them unflinching (only Xing Cai's switch attack, Guan Yu's C1-EX), vice versa, most personalities need to go into Rage setting to come to be unflinching.

His R1 Musou's buff additionally vastly increases the strength of his Musous for the duration the buff is active. Native eyeballing it, the damage increase shows up to it is in double. His normal and also charge strikes aren't impacted by the damages increase. IMO it's not really Musou-efficient to base your offense on it, but you deserve to do one R1 Musou because that self-defence, then follow up with a pair of double powerful, all-destroying air Musou, wiping the map clean of enemies.

His regular Musou is the least beneficial of the three, yet it is still by no way weak.

The an initial weapon is a Musou weapon subbing Aggression for Slash. The lack of Aggression doesn't pains his Musou damages too much as that still hits favor a nuke. Coming to his moveset now, Lu Bu doesn't have very good elemental activations. Every his charge strikes only have 1; C6 isn't evident but it has actually 1, on the second last swing the the halberd. What makes Slash (or other element like Cyclone) usable is his famous Switch Attack.

If you've play DW8 XL and reading this climate you currently know around Lu Bu's crazy move Attack. That unblocks and stuns enemies, deserve to be fee up for a much greater range, does kind damage, triples his attack and also movement speed, and gives him 2 'clones' that add extra access time to his attacks. DAAAAAMN.

All I'm adding to this is the on the end of his normal strikes (N6), he has 1 element activation. The after-images likewise have elemental activation, providing him 3-ish hits of slash in one instant. After ~ unblocking a Hyper officer with Switch Attack, Lu Bu proceeds come yolo shrek the enemy with common attacks, finishing castle off with a many-elemental N6 the Slash. Cyclone doesn't work as well with Lu Bu because it only works when adversaries are blocking; if you're play 'correctly' your opponents will be stunned and not blocking, making Cyclone rather useless.

TL;DR slash helps death Hyper officers.

Triumph aids in refilling Rage. His normal strikes with move buff, air Musou and Switch attack itself all fill Musou and Rage well. Ns like having Triumph somewhere yet the slot can be provided to Jubilation no problem. In fury mode, Lu Bu's normal attack (with Switch speed buff) and Switch strike damage goes v the roof. Even double-defence Hyper officers melt prior to him.

There are several builds I've viewed from other civilization that I believed were interesting, therefore I'd compile lock here. All space usable that course, since it's fucking Lu Bu.

Harmony - Flurry - Frenzy - Velocity - Jubilation - Roar

Harmony - Frenzy - Velocity - Roar - Aggression - Jubilation

Same skills

This develop was offered by Youtube user Ponctan who demonstrated exactly how to run a Harmony build. Due to the fact that Lu Bu's key offense will be Switch attack to stun, followed by typical attacks, and Air Musou for huge damage. His refill the Musou is very good, although if friend are extremely spam happy v his Musous you might run out of both Musou and Rage as well quickly. Not that it's a problem refilling it up, due to the fact that it's Lu Bu.

Even without physical damage boosters (Induction, Explosive, Accuracy), Lu Bu's raw damages is sufficient for normal attacks to ruin everything before him. It has actually been provided that Induction and Explosive often tend to disrupt shock actions, thus on particular characters who have some level of reliance on stunning adversaries (e.g. Zhang Chunhua, Cao Pi making use of Musou), refrain from making use of those attributes.

This Youtuber also detailed that his R1 in ~ max fee penetrates enemies and also makes anything drop your guard. This includes shield peons and also officers with '!' form disadvantage, for this reason literally nobody deserve to do shit prior to Lu Bu. Playable officers stunned cannot Musou-counter you, for this reason you have actually a long window of possibility to kill them before they have the right to retaliate.

Induction - Explosive - Flurry - Cyclone/Slash - Velocity - Jubilation/Triumph

Frenzy - rage - Aggression - Roar - Triumph/Jubilation - Velocity

Same skills, or perhaps Accuracy over fury or Musou Springs

This build is based on a video on Youtube by Warriors8XL, that made a pure speed-running develop with no Jubilation, since he plays really good. Triumph is there because that maximum damage and also easy refill of Musou and Rage. Again this is for rate running:

Flurry - Frenzy - Induction - Explosive - Cyclone - Velocity

Frenzy - rage - Aggression - Roar - Velocity - Triumph

From observation, his 1 seems to be physical damage and also 2 is purely for Air Musou. As I mentioned above Induction and also Explosive interferes through his R1 stun, making that not work-related properly. This Youtuber therefore always makes certain Lu Bu is switching from weapon 2 to 1, together 2 doesn't have actually Induction. The common string attacks destroy also Hypers in ~ 2 seconds, as Induction alone doubles each individual attack's damage.

Weapon 2 is lacking Flurry since his wait Musou is only one hit, and actually doesn't advantage from Flurry. You have the right to still have actually Flurry there for consistency. Because Lu Bu is a character who switches weapon a lot, it's quite an excellent to have both weapons be the very same or similar. Simply for gift consistent, or less complicated to remember, or if you have some kind of OCD about this.

I favor the selection of Fury since it does boost Musou damages by making the a True Musou. The damage rise is not far-ranging but in addition to Aggression, it's the difference in between leaving who alive through 10% wellness or death them through one blow. Also, I choose that it renders everyone on fire, due to the fact that of course it's awesome.

I can even omit Velocity on weapon 2 for having both Triumph and Jubilation, or having actually Flurry, since the intentionally isn't to swing with that weapon, and also besides while you're in the switch attack animation you room invulnerable (if ns observe correctly), or are really unlikely to be hit and also disrupted, making Velocity not lot needed.

This Youtuber provided Cyclone on their 1, which as I discussed works ~ above the last assault of normal string. His C2 also has one Cyclone, letting you complete off a ache opponent conveniently if require be. I favor Slash due to the fact that I constantly successfully shock an enemy, but it's there because that you come use. Frankly you have the right to have neither and also Lu Bu doesn't mind. As a bonus, Explosive carries the Slash aspect when the activates right into an AOE effect, making that much more effective against crowds.

The best thing about having a physical damage weapon is if you desire to play 'straight', i.e. Not cheese the video game with Lu Bu's an extremely exploitable abilities, the physical weapon is perfectly fine for simply swinging, making every his fee attacks and also EX attacks usable on even the hardest can be fried stage. After all we're play this video game to have fun.


Cyclone - cut - Explosive - Flurry - Velocity - Jubilation

Cyclone - cut - Thunder - Explosive - Velocity - Jubilation

Slash - Thunder - Explosive - Flurry - Velocity - Jubilation

Any various other variation of this setup

Because the the abovementioned elemental capacity of Lu Bu, a fully elemental weapon is feasible to use. Since of his high damage to begin with, the OHKO-ing ability of Thunder and also Slash might even seem superfluous, due to the fact that you kill people prior to either that them requirements to activate. The effectiveness of this setup does display in because that example, the Final fight in Ambition setting (after subjugating every the regions), whereby you take it on ten 'Super Hyper' officers, that take only chip damage from whatever except percentage damages attributes. This sort of instance is wherein elemental yes, really puts in work.

An element weapon is ideally paired v a Musou weapon, however you have the right to have both elemental for consistency. This way you can easily switch weapon and also have a bunch of element hits with both weapons.

Lu Bu can additionally fight ~ above horseback the entirety game, through his trusty Red Hare. Because why not.

Flurry - Frenzy - Induction - Explosive - Velocity - Jubilation

Flurry - Frenzy - Induction - Explosive - Velocity - Triumph

Optional harmony end Explosive

Accuracy/Rage Springs, Equestrian, Attack, Mighty Roar

For completely horseback builds, I discover it a toss-up in between Accuracy and Rage Springs. Accuracy renders your regular attacks an ext effective, due to the fact that killing civilization faster is really important on horseback as you have tendency to be a glass cannon on higher difficulties. Particularly since ns love Red Hare, but Red Hare doesn't have Endurance ability, an interpretation you can get knocked off. Fury Springs helps exponentially with filling rage however, i m sorry is vital as fury helps you resolve '!' policemans without the disadvantage. If you operation Harmony, I'd recommend rage Springs over Accuracy.

(Or Equestrian as even after 400 hours Idk what precisely it does.)

Here's a Gale construct for an ext overkill:

Gale - Battleaxe - Flurry - Roar - Velocity - Triumph

Gale - Battleaxe/Frenzy - Flurry - Roar - Velocity - Jubilation

The 'standard' 4 skills

Sub Frenzy or Aggression in if friend don't have sufficient Battleaxe for both weapons. The absence of Frenzy, Aggression or Harmony (all 20% rise multipliers) is obvious at the start of the stage, yet Gale conveniently makes up for it together by around 400 death without maxing Attack, also the max charge switch assault one shots peons; by 600 KOs accurate nothing can live a air Musou.

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Jia Xu's plan to overwhelming Xiapi lock was in component because he knew the nobody in the people can avoid Lu Bu, and the only method to death him to be to hope the flood strike sinks the entire fucking castle into the earth. Because literally dropping Lu Bu into the depths of hell is the only method to beat him.

That's all I can think up for now, many thanks for analysis this unnecessarily long post