Located in modern day Cusco Region, Peru. Built by the Inca in 1450. Abandoned in 1572. The marauding Spanish Conquistadors did not discover the site during their conquest of the Incas, so it has remained relatively intact until today. The aqueduct system is quite amazing engineering wise. Many archaeologists believe that this city was used as a temple and a hotel for Inca emperor Pachacuti and other nobles and pious people.

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"Few romances can ever surpass that of the granite citadel on top of the beetling precipices of Machu Picchu, the crown of Inca Land." –Hiram Bingham


As /u/afito mentioned in another thread, Machu Picchu brings more gold than anything else in the game on Marathon

Oh thanks!

To give some "source" hier, if you have over 10 cities, you can easily generate 180+ gold from city connections, and 25% of this is 40-50. My personal record on a very wide game with city connections is 320 GPT (including Machu Picchu).

Big Ben comes close, depending on how you like to use your excess gold - if a lot goes into upgrading military or purchasing CS, not so much. But at least it comes close.

Another one that comes close if you don't have gone wide can be Colossus since it forces other civs to trade with you, passively increasing your GPT.

But overall, Machu Picchu is the best "gold wonder".

Tthat from city-connections really adds up, even in smaller empires. Since it requires a mountain, it is usually little competition for it, too. The 2+ are just gravy.

The best thing it gives is the +25% gold from city connections. The +culture,faith,gold and great merchant point is also nice but the city connection bonus really adds up in wide empires. And you have a good chance to get it because the city hast to be within 2 tiles of a mountain. On the downside it is possible that you don't have a city either that is close to a mountain so you can't compete for it.

This wonder can sometimes tip the balance in having a strong early game economy. I always go for it if I have a mountain nearby, though I usually have to buy the tile.

I'll save my first great engineer specifically to be used on Machu Picchu. It makes that big of a difference.

I'll add that, in terms of real life wonders, it's an amazing place to visit (though insanely tourist-packed).

Sometimes I play team games with other friends vs the AI, but they like to warmonger more than me which means it's hard to maintain trade routes. I've been building this wonder in defence so that I can maintain my gold per turn.

Meh. As a really tall player, there are usually too many more useful Wonders for me to get it. I think I got it once, and that was only because I was the only one by a mountain.

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I'm always surprised to see the faith yield - it is pure cash in my eyes. If my first city isn't a mountain town my 2nd city almost-always must be just so I have a chance at it (plus all the other mountain perks, boo non-mountain starts!)

Profit from city connections is based on the population of your cities, right? So, high population cities provide more gold than smaller cities?

On my current game as TSL Shoshone, I'm making >500 GPT from court connections. This wonder along is getting me 100 GPT.