Mama Youve to be On my Mind ChordsCapo 2nd fret on the 3rd line of the verse the chord changes are quick, justchanging the base not would certainly sufficeGC C BPerhaps it"s the shade of the sun reduced flatAm D7An" cov"rin" the crossroads I"m standing at, C B to be G F E F C Or perhaps it"s the weather or something favor that, G C B am G F EFG yet mama, you been on mine mind.I don"t mean trouble, you re welcome don"t placed me down or gain upset,I am not pleadin" or sayin", "I can"t forget."I perform not walk the floor bowed down an" bent, however yet,Mama, you to be on my mind.Even despite my psychic is hazy an" my thoughts they could be narrow,Where you to be don"t bother me nor carry me under in sorrow.It don"t even matter to me whereby you"re wakin" increase tomorrow,But mama, you"re simply on mine mind.I am no askin" you come say words favor "yes" or "no,"Please know me, I acquired no place for friend t" go.I"m just breathin" to myself, pretendin" no that i don"t know,Mama, you to be on my mind.When you wake up in the mornin", baby, look at inside your mirror.You understand I won"t be next to you, you know I won"t be near.I"d simply be curious to understand if you deserve to see yourself as clearAs someone who has had actually you ~ above his mind.The lyrics space from the Bob Dylan version, george forgets castle in his version
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Mama Youve to be On mine Mind tabs
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George Harrison, MBE (25 February 1943 – 29 November 2001)<1> to be an award-winning English absent guitarist, singer-songwriter, author and also sitarist finest known together the lead guitarist for The Beatles. Following the band"s breakup, Harrison had a successful career as a solo artist and later as component of the travel Wilburys at sight group. He was the very first Beatle to have a number one album (All Things need to Pass). That was additionally a movie producer, through his production agency Handmade Films, involving world as diverse as Madonna and also the members that Monty Python. After Harrison taken on Hinduism in the 1960s, his spiritual convictions were often apparent in his music and public activities.Although john Lennon and Paul McCartney to be the Beatles" key songwriters, Harrison usually wrote or sang lead on a few songs per album. His later compositions contained hits such as "Here come the Sun", "Something" and "While My guitar Gently Weeps". After ~ the band"s breakup, it was Harrison who accomplished the an initial #1 single by any kind of ex-Beatle with his "My Sweet Lord". As well as his talents as a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and also sitarist, that was additionally a document producer and music innovator,<2> George possessed, together it seemed evident to researchers, the innate ability to perhaps even surpass the Lennon-McCartney songwriting cartel, but it was not to happen as component of the Beatles. And also as Harrison forged his very own identity and drifted away from the Beatles he became a world-class songwriter, musical pioneer, and single-handed catalyst for a generation"s interest in Indian culture.<3> In 1969 George commented: "I believe that if I"m going to song songs on record, they might as well be on my own."<4>Indexed in ~ Wikipedia.

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