INDIANAPOLIS–Despite assuming the he had lost every last feasible ounce of hope lengthy ago, area office-supply coordinator Bob Dempsey, 31, was surprised to discover Monday that he did, in fact, own one tiny added shred of hope, which he consequently lost.

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"Contrary come the id of coworkers, neighbors, remote relatives, and also Mr. Dempsey himself, this so-called 'hopeless' male actually still had actually one infinitesimally tiny shred the hope, which the became mindful of in the procedure of shedding said last shred of hope," said provided therapist Dr. Eli Wasserbaum. "Oddly, it to be only throughout that fleeting minute in which he was losing this added micro-hope the he was able to realize that the expect had ever existed at all."

"Unravelling this singular psychological event makes for a tremendous difficulty for the trained therapist," claimed Wasserbaum, that is attempting to rebuild the basics the the incident, believed to be the least epiphanic moment of self-discovery in the annals of modern-day medicine. "In fact, some might even say a difficulty so complicated as to be hopeless."

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Dempsey's discovery and also subsequent loss of the expect is thought to have started at around 8 a.m. Monday, when he i found it a letter in his mailbox–which he check every 2 to 3 weeks, generally finding nothing–from a German attend to unfamiliar come him. Can not to open up the letter in ~ the time because he to be on his method to work, the left the behind to read later.

At some suggest during his workday, which is composed primarily of sit at a desk, staring right into space, and also occasionally place a checkmark in boxes beside such words together "staplers" or "paperclips," that realized that the surname on the return deal with was that of one old college friend who had moved to Germany years before and told Dempsey the "maybe you'll hear from me again sometime."