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Stadtplan von Alexandria, 1:15,000

Stadtplan von Alexandria, 1:15,000. Germany. Luftwaffe Berlin : Luftwaffe.

Piano dei early porti di Allesandria, e posezione della squadra Turco-Egizia in Agosto 1831

1 : 43000 Alexandrie (Egypt)

The port of Alexandria, Egypt

The harbor of Alexandria. Surveyed by Lieut. E. W. Brooker, etc. 1857. London

Alexandria ... Dikheila Extension. Range 1 : 10,000

Alexandria ... Dikheila Extension. Scale 1 : 10,000. : survey of Egypt.

Geometrischer Grundiss der Stadt Alexandria

1 : 158000 Alexandrie (Egypt) Ausfeld, Johann Carl Gleditsch

A plan of the cities of Alexandria

A arrangement of the cities of Alexandria vetus, and new Alexandria or Scanderia; with the old and new ports: additionally Lower Egypt and the only of Aboukir: through illustrations indigenous the authorities that Norden, Tott, Volney & other eminent travellers / by, man Luffman, Geogr. Shows old and modern Alexandria. Message describes background of Alexandria and its rulers as much as 1798. -- Inset of bay of Aboukir includes brief description of the fight of the Nile (July 1798). -- A 2nd state released in The naval Chronicle, 1807. Luffman, J. (John), 1756-1846 London: engraved & released Nov.r 5th, 1798, by man Luffman, no.2, within Sweetings Alley royal Exchange. Price one shilling, plain, eighteen pence, coloured

Afteekening valve de haven valve Alexandria agter in de Middellandsche Zee, aen de kust van Barbarija in Egypte

Egypt Laurent Brémond Gerard valve Keulen

Egypt. City Series, Alexandria (Sheet 20)

Egypt. Town series ... Alexandria. Range 1: 5,000. : survey of Egypt

Egypt. Town Series, Alexandria (Sheet 14)

Egypt. Town collection ... Alexandria. Scale 1: 5,000. : inspection of Egypt

Chart of the coastline of Egypt, native Alexandria to the western Branch the the Nile

chart of the shore of Egypt, indigenous Alexandria to the west Branch of the Nile; v the bay of Aboukir, shewing the place of the French and English Fleets, in ~ the fight of the Nile, august 1, 1798. London : A. Arrowsmith.

Afteekening valve een gedeelte van de kust van Egipten vertoonende de haven van Alexandria ent land daer beoosten

Egypt Gerard valve Keulen

Specialkarte des Kriegsschauplatzes von Alexandria bis Tanta

1 : 270000 Alexandrie (Egypt) Barich, C. Justus Perthes

Plan de la Bataille d'Abukir à l'Ambouchure du Nil donnée le 1. 2. Et 3. D'Aoust 1798 par la Flotte des S. M. Brittanique commandée par l'Admiral Nelson, et la Flotte Francoise sous les ordres de l'Admiral Bruis


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Plan that the work of the brother & Ottoman pressures in Egypt, native the 8th. That March to the 2d. Of Sept.r 1801, as soon as the French were lastly expelled from the Country

Neele, Samuel man Arrowsmith