Here is a round-up of various news items around A industry Day in ~ Birka that have been posted in a selection of venues.

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Official occasion Announcement ~ above the page: A sector Day at Birka

The Birka 2020 understand schedule is accessible on-line in ~ this link. You can likewise download a digital copy that the Birka site publication on that page.

The merchant Map for Birka is now accessible on-line in ~ this link. Over there is not at this time a grasp list of sellers available.

From the Tyger salesman of the Signet’s office:

If you are dropping turn off a scroll for Birka, you re welcome note:

Her Majesty has requested the all Birka scrolls it is in delivered prior to noon top top Saturday therefore she has time to sign them.

Scrolls can be dropped off at Herald’s allude (in Webster, across the room from Troll) indigenous 6 pm – 8 pm on Friday.

Scrolls can additionally be dropped turn off at the royal Room (in Coolidge, ~ above the Mezzanine) top top Saturday morning.

Thank girlfriend for all your difficult work!In Service,Mistress Eva Woderose

Greetings, great People of the East!

Have friend been campaigning with Her imperial Majesty as She tours her Kingdom? If so, don’t forget to choose up your sticker if you attend Birka this weekend!

Stickers will be obtainable on Friday night (by 7:30pm) and Saturday. They will certainly be located on a tiny folding table in the exact same area as Gate, for this reason you have the right to snag one right once you arrive.

If you haven’t yet picked up a booklet, girlfriend still have time! There are still five Royal Progress events in the eastern after Birka, and also that’s enough to knife you a token.

A few last-minute reminders from your friendly ar Gold Key!

Gold an essential hours:Friday 8-10PMSaturday 9AM-10PM,Sunday open up for returns just 9AM-3PM

– Gold vital can no longer collection aside three various outfits for you come wear each day, please only leave v one outfit per human at a time.– Gold vital is not the coat-check! ns sorry however I need that an are on the rack for people’s mundane clothes, and we execute not desire the mundanes rack to collapse under it’s very own weight again.– please remember to bring something come leave as ransom because that the garb you space being loaned. If you require a location to store your mundane garments while you re wearing gold Key, this is ideal. If you are wearing her garb over your modern clothes, please leaving a jacket or miscellaneous similar.

– Please carry out not ask Gold crucial to clock over her purchases/armour/weapons/children/anything the isn’t her mundane apparel while girlfriend go back into the merchant hall to buy an ext stuff; as much as I want to be valuable I can not guarantee their safety and security while ns am helping various other people.– Gold vital is no the transforming rooms! We execute have an altering rooms collection up but there are other transforming rooms for human being who have actually their own garb, which rather frankly, space not curtains so you will probably feel an ext secure changing there in any type of case.– Gold an essential is open up for returns throughout breakdown, we cannot loan girlfriend garb when we room packing that away.

I expect to view you over there and aid with your garb as lot as ns can.

SCA discussion SALON & open FORUM

Discussion Salon: Friday, January 24th, 8:00 afternoon in the Ballroom (Proposed time 1 hr however may run over)

Hosted by Countess Marguerite, Baroness Audrye Beneyt & understand Ivan Matfeevich Rezansky

What is a discussion Salon?

A conversation salon is a collection of world who will certainly be engaged in hear to each other, and also talking calmly and rationally about an SCA topic the is most likely to stir dispute or at least deep thought. Traditionally, salons are incubators where concepts are conceived, gestated, and hatched. Salons have actually been the frontiers of social and cultural change both in and out that period.

Salon Topic for Birka: What affect is Facebook having actually on the east Kingdom? What affect is it having actually on the SCA? space these results ones that we desire it come have? What have the right to we do, together a community, to reduce its an adverse effects?

So that everyone deserve to feel totally free to get involved this will be an OP cost-free gathering. Leave her regalia in ~ the door. A 6 month newbie has actually as much of a voice in this discussion as a Duke.

An overview of the Salon format can be uncovered here:…/meggieofl…/home/discussion-salons

Open Forum: 9:00 pm in the Ballroom

Moderated by Countess Marguerite & Mistress Fia Kareman

As in previous years, Birka employee is opening a an are to talk about whatever SCA participants have to talk about. The decision on object will likely be made in ~ the last minute, based upon current (SCA) events. If no pushing topic presents itself, then the vault hour’s conversation salon might spill into this time period.

If you room bringing her Tween and/or teenager to Birka, we have a new specialized space just for them!

In the usual area past Pierce (down the room from Gate), there will certainly be a roped off ar for them to gather, and also it will incorporate either a charging terminal or sufficient strips to let them charge their devices.

As the sign for the area says, younger children, adults and also parents are urged to discover other spaces – which might be right exterior their area. However this is because that them to have some room to gather and be through one another.

I hope they gain the space!Fia, Autocrat

f you have been making Largess for her Majesty, i am very happy to accept it at Birka. For the most part I will be in the A&S display room ~ above Saturday. If i am no there, among the volunteers deserve to accept it for me. Ns will have a box collection up specifically for this.

Also – if you have any kind of scroll situations to go back to kingdom, ns will have a box for those in the A&S screen room, as well, and will be passing castle on to our Tyger Signet.

See all y’all top top Friday!In Service,

Ástrídr SægeirsdottirLargess Coordinator because that Queen Margarita De’ SienaBirka A&S Coordinator

Information about EK MoAS Roundtable and Consultations in ~ Birka

Greetings Kingdom!

Saturday indigenous 1-2 in the Dartmoth room the Minister of Arts and also Sciences office will be running a ring table on “Consent in A&S: Giving and also Receiving Feedback” led by Mistress Elena Jeanne Clifton.

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Also – while we will certainly not be having a official consultation table, I will be obtainable throughout the work on Saturday to talk around A&S through anyone and everyone who has questions, comments, would prefer feedback, etc.