H-Scene Count- 74Created through Heisandou, interpreted by m1zuki indigenous ULMFLength- 10-15 hours



Emma is a retired female warrior that married the mage of she party, Miguel. They had a kid and also a couple of years later on monsters attacked their area. The 2 come out of retirement to address the risk so they might go ago to peacefully living v their son.

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As it transforms out, the town beside where the monsters space coming indigenous is filled through perverts, and Emma is a bikini warrior. After establish she’s the end of shape, she can go it alone and also make deals and have sex v everyone in the town, or she can stay truthful to her sexually it s not enough ability husband.

Overall, the a weak plot. There’s some stuff through evil magic and an old empire however thats not why anyone would play. No h scene really creates a secondary plot other then Emma is cheating, and the story is very an additional to porn and dungeon diving.


Gameplay is standard RPG machine stuff, with surprisingly low numbers. Also at the end of the game you only have in the 2-300 health selection and her weapons space only providing plus 30 or for this reason to her stats.

Other climate the typical combat, various other things to note are-

Emma can not do any h associated thing if her husband is present. After ~ entering the dungeon for the very first time you can leave she husband behind every morning from there on. He levels up top top his own so don’t worry about him. The trouble with this is Emma is negative at the start and also a many of adversaries come in groups, which Emma cannot deal with. Utilizing Miguel until Emma levels and gets some decent equipment is basically required.

Emma’s lust stat doesn’t really execute anything. Its current for the bulk of the game however never really seems to perform anything other then impact money gain from sex activities. Instead, how far Emma goes in sex-related stuff is determined by how countless times she’s cheated, with the player needing she to cheat about 110 time to get access to everything, which means repeating a lot of the very same scenes to get access to new ones.

The dungeon is huge. I typical stupid big with each floor taking 10 minute to an hour relying on how numerous fights you gain into. At first its fine however it beginning to drag pretty early on. You deserve to teleport come any brand-new floor you’ve reached, yet you can’t teleport ago so if you want to travel to certain areas to execute things you should walk or leaving the dungeon and also come back another day come teleport to wherein you desire to go.

The video game has a skip message feature and also anight and also day ssytem which just opens up a couple of different h scenes.

H Scenes and Other Stuff

The scenes room alright in length, though a lot of cgs room reused in between scenes. There is part sprite sex ingredient which can be amusing, and there is some initiative in having actually sound impacts in scenes. Every step is repetitive as they all attribute Emma thinking about cheating on her husband and also how the current guy is a way much better at sex then her husband is. Also the monster rape scenes have actually the very same dialogue piece in every scene. The scene do have actually a lot of other text, and its quite decent erotic stuff, however some of the selections are a bit weird.

Emma has actually a many sexual points she have the right to do there is no technically cheating. A the majority of the scenes involve random guys in the dungeon having actually Emma display them a item of her body or letting castle touch her, so they can obtain off. After Emma cheats enough she goes from shy and feeling poor for her husband to the usual females who just wants sex and her husband is just part of the rotate on for her. One of my couple of complaints I have actually is that for exactly how curvy Emma is, there is like just two titjobs in the game contrasted to favor 6-8 blowjobs. A lot of of characters mention how an excellent her breasts room so that a bit weird that she rarely ever before uses them.

I must mention, other then some lose scenes in the dungeon, Emma is never ever raped. Most scenes start with prompting the player if they desire to check out the scene and also then she cheats. Which means Emma turns herself into the prostitute she becomes and not any details NPC.

Rest that the video game is standard RPG an equipment assets.

Final Verdict and also Save

I preferred the game at the start, and overall its a decently large game with fairly a little of content. The game drags though and I lost interest a few times. I finished up just not caring by the end. Also as an NTR stlye video game I don’t think this one is very great for that, and also the game part drags top top to lot for that to be a an excellent porn game. Getting the more unique porn additionally requires the player to repeat scenes a lot just to accessibility them. Overall, not that good.

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Save includes all scene unlocked, last boss fightable and as many mini scenes accessible as I might find.