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How to measure up Units: IN cm

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Name:purple fancy velvet medieval gown Including:dress Feature 1.medieval dress features flexible ties to the prior and earlier 2.ruffles accents ~ above neckline and also sleeves

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Dress Length58.314858.61495915059.815260.615461.4156

We need these carefully taken measurements to provide you perfect fitting clothing. The measuring tape used have to be "", not tight. If possible, it is preferable if your dimensions are bring away by who else. Please relax whilst gift measured and also don" it is in tempted to do allowances!


Note: 1.Try taking a dress or height that you recognize fits and also measure the bust and also waist. Usage a tape measure or string and measure yourself utilizing the sizing diagram as a guide. This will give you a beginning point to compare. 2.Keep in psychic that females wore slips and also fitted bras under the dress. Think of how your undergarments will help a dress hang and fit correctly.