In the game stations 2 video game "God the War" the hero Kratos have the right to use the disembodied head of Medusa to temporarily turn enemies into stone. By collecting red orbs from locations such together treasure chests and also boss battles, players deserve to upgrade the weapon to enhance its abilities to encompass three moves: Gorgon Torment, Gorgon Flash and Gorgon Rage.

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Using Gorgon Torment

Equip Medusa"s Gaze together a weapon.

Hold L2 and also the Square button at the exact same time, aiming the occurring beam at an adversary until it turns to stone and freezes in place.

Immediately strike the adversary until the shatters.

Using Gorgon Flash

Press L2 and also Triangle at the exact same time. The adversary should instantly rotate to stone.

Press L2 and also Triangle again if the adversary does not rotate to stone on the very first try. It may be an effective enough to withstand the early attack.

If the foe is in the air, press the X switch to jump and press L2 if in the wait to frozen the opponent.

Using Gorgon Rage

Wait because that a team of enemies to accumulate on the screen.

Hold L2 and also the Circle switch at the exact same time. The weapon have to emit a big wave the freezes all adversaries on the screen.

Strike the enemies conveniently to break them.


When an adversary is turned come stone, the is likewise susceptible to attacks from various other enemies, periodically saving friend the trouble. Shattering a frozen foe awards secondary 15 red orbs while freeze a paris enemy and causing it to shatter as soon as it crashes come the floor awards 30 red orbs.


Gorgon Torment is the only possible attack till a player willingly upgrades the weapon. Gorgon Flash needs 3,000 orbs to upgrade while Gorgon Rage calls for 7,500 orbs. The assaults do not work-related on Gorgons or on boss characters. Adversaries must be attacked quickly after gift turned to stone, as the impacts of Medusa"s Gaze are temporary. Additionally, stronger opponents require more time come be influenced by the attack, for this reason Medusa"s Gaze may work best when excellent from a distance.

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