Fansof young adult fantasy novels are around to lose sleep with a brand-new series frombestselling writer Bella Forrest.

Recently announced as a pen-name which supplies “ghostwriters” under one name, Bella Forrest has actually written about 13 book collection since 2014.

Oneof these is the Harley Merlin series, of i beg your pardon the very first book, “Harley Merlinand the mystery Coven,” to be released in 2018.

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Harley Merlin is a 19-year-old orphan who always knew she to be different; she never ever knew just just how different.

One day Harley stumbles right into a fight with a monster and another human who has abilities similar to her.

Now,Harley is thrust right into a magical world and also introduced to the mountain Diego Coven,where she learns exactly how to understand her abilities and also joins a rag-tag group offriends.

Harleyembarks on countless adventures transparent the series. These incorporate learning whathappened to she parents, finding the end she has a half-brother, and trying to stopher power-hungry aunt from taking over the magical and non-magical world.

Afternine books, the series changes its focus to Harley’s brother, Finch Merlin.


Finch Merlin, after making a transaction in bespeak to conserve the civilization from his mother, is now in servitude come an immortal god-like being dubbed a boy of Chaos.

Finchgoes ~ above crazy and also dangerous objectives for part unknown arrangement that the boy ofChaos has created. Finch has actually to number out what the child of Chaos has actually plannedwithout acquiring killed. Finch enlists the help of old friends, his sisterHarley and new friends.

Finch’sadventure continue for eight books before the series seems to concerned an end.

However,the Merlin adventures don’t protect against with Finch. The collection continues through Harley’sdaughter Persie.

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Persephone, (or Persie for short) the magicless daughter that the well known Harley Merlin, gets the surprised of her life on her 18th birthday once she purges a huge monster.

Purgesare what wake up after a magical supplies a large amount of wonder energy, calledChaos. Persie is not a magical and also is confused regarding how she purged. She motherreveals the she make a address the legendary creature, the Leviathan, inorder to help save the world. In return he named Harley’s first born,Persephone.

TheLeviathan offered her an ext than just her name. He additionally gave her the capacity topurge chaos creatures, called purge beasts.

Persiedecides to go the end on her own to figure out who she is and how to manage thisnew gift.

Beingan avid publication reader, ns came throughout this collection by accident and it rotate intomy brand-new obsession. This series is the perfect mix of fantasy, action,romance and also comedy. I recommend this book series to anyone that likes youngadult fantasy.

Sadly,due to posting issues, all publication releases have been put on hold and Persie’sstory is temporarily left unfinished.

TheHarley Merlin series is available for acquisition on Amazon in Kindle, audible andpaperback formats.