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Anonymous asked:

mermaid and also siren prompts?

Sure! I’d be glad to help.

I made this post with siren x human prompts, and you may find it useful!

****“So, you’re a merman?”

He flipped his tail, true come the vanity that his kind. “Of course.”

She smiled. “I wouldn’t it is in so proud, if ns were you. You guys couldn’t sing if her lives relied on it.”

“Well, at the very least we’re pretty! your scales look choose they haven’t to be washed since Poseidon take it the throne.”

****His mother frowned. “Hasn’t it emerged to you the mermaids and mermen dislike sirens? We’re not pretty enough for them.”

He smiled up at the moon. “I don’t care! His scales are so blue. Just the thought of him renders me desire to sing.”

****The siren shook she tail and also opened she throat; all the mermaids and also mermen frolicking in the waters in former of her rock fell silent and turned to her, nearly hypnotized. She smiled and thought, There. Now I deserve to enjoy some peace and quiet.

****“Hey!” The 2 liplocked mermaids whipped approximately to look at the old siren. “Get out of here! If you’re walk to execute the dirty, go do it underwater!” castle dove under the waves, their iridescent tails flicking, and also the siren shook his head. Now he’d have to clean his rock of the disgusting traces the mermaids.

****I expect this helps! If you need anything else, you re welcome feel free to ask. -

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Apr 9th, 2017