Google Chromecast, to apologize TV, and Roku devices enable you to wirelessly mirror your mobile display screen to her much-loved life room TV. But what if friend don’t own a streaming device with mirroring capabilities? Is there a way to gain your phone display on your TV? Fortunately, there is, and it’s a little-known technology that’s been roughly for rather some time. Have actually you ever noticed three letters above specific HDMI inputs on your TV or A/V receiver? We’re talking around MHL, a wired protocol for obtaining your phone, tablet, or computer system display up on her 4K TV. While no as convenient as wireless mirroring, MHL (for compatible devices) will obtain the project done — and also the only thing you’ll need is an MHL-certified HDMI cable. Check out on to learn more about MHL and also how to use it yourself.

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Note: before you go ordering MHL equipment online, examine to view if you can mirror your smartphone to her TV making use of the equipment you already have in ~ home. 


What is MHL?

In 2010, a band of electronics companies, including Sony and Nokia, arisen the MHL link protocol. Brief for mobile High-Definition Link, MHL makes use of a special type of HDMI input on compatible TVs and also A/V receivers to affix a cultivation list that smartphones, tablets, and also other devices. The standard takes smartphone and tablet content to the next level, permitting you come showcase every little thing from your phone on your TV v a solitary connection.

Given the proliferation of wireless display screen mirroring methods, MHL has fallen out of donate with numerous manufacturers, yet you can still discover plenty that televisions that support it.

How perform I usage MHL?

The most common means to attach for most world is to usage an MHL adapter (such as the one displayed below), which is composed of a masculine Micro USB plug ~ above one end and a woman HDMI harbor on the other. If her phone master a Micro USB port, all you have to do is simply affix an MHL adapter to your phone, and run one HDMI cable native the adapter come the MHL-enabled HDMI harbor on your tv (the correct port will be labeling “MHL”), and also you’re all set.

If your phone or tablet computer does not host a Micro USB port, you’ll additionally need an additional adapter, i m sorry we’ll discuss in much more detail in the next section below.

A common MHL adapter.

When MHL an initial launched, adapters prefer the one shown above were much more or less the primary way to utilize the technology. Now, though, there space lots of different cables that support MHL, including straight Micro USB-to-HDMI cables.

The following step is just plugging in your compatible device, i beg your pardon will enable you to display all of its applications, games, movies, photos, and also music ideal on your TV, v resolution at 4K Ultra HD (and above).

Does my an equipment work with MHL?


If you’re looking right into MHL, you must make certain your machine and display screen are compatible v the protocol by checking the main MHL site — uncovered here — for a complete list of supported devices. If your screen device isn’t ~ above the list, don’t stroked nerves buying an MHL adapter — it’s no going come work. If your display screen device is ~ above the list, yet your mobile an equipment isn’t, there are some other methods to connect.

If you’re an Apple enthusiast, your iPhone or iPad walk not have the correct output for the default MHL adapter or cable described above. Luckily, there space workarounds. This Lightning to Digital AV Adapter permits you to connect most iOS devices to your TV.

Newer Android phones have actually USB Type-C ports, rather than Micro USB. They’ll require third-party adapters to work-related with MHL ports. In the same vein, part compatible Samsung phones require a various (11-pin) adapter, as the default (five-pin) adapter won’t correctly interface. However, be mindful that these adapters won’t charge your phone favor standard MHL, and also they have the right to be fairly unreliable (we had a hard time finding any kind of with positive review scores). Also, don’t accidentally purchase a Micro HDMI link — that’s the wrong kind of cable.

Why usage MHL?

As mentioned, there are several wireless approaches that job-related for mirroring mobile devices to enlarge screens: Apple’s AirPlay because that iPhones and iPads, because that example, or Miracast because that Android devices. And also of course, Google’s Chromecast allows you stream video and audio indigenous multiple apps. These approaches don’t constantly offer the same level of video clip and sound quality as MHL, but the wireless connection is more convenient for many applications.

There space some cases where MHL would certainly come in handy, though. The mechanism is especially beneficial for those there is no cable or internet, because that instance. In together a scenario (assuming you’ve obtained games or movie loaded directly on her phone), MHL essentially turns your phone and also TV right into a full-blown entertain center, through no Wi-Fi required.

In addition, there room a few protocol-specific benefits that can make it precious going through MHL. First, MHL connections tout the convenient capability to transmit control data, i m sorry essentially means the remote that controls your display may also have the ability to control the connected device. Because that mobile gamers, MHL connection also offers zero latency, which allows for lag-free display that your device on her TV throughout the many rigorous the gaming sessions. The cable also charges mobile tools up to 40W without any kind of subsequent lag when displaying the content.

Where else have the right to I use MHL?

As we’re certain you’ve surmised by this point, MHL’s most useful duty is to send data from a smartphone or tablet computer to a compatible TV or A/V receiver lag-free. Yet MHL also lets you plug your smartphone or tablet computer into a car’s compatible infotainment system, and a compatible computer system monitor at house or in ~ work.

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By plugging a phone or tablet into a car with an HDMI entry (or making use of some adapters come jury-rig a setup), you’ll have actually the ability to utilize up-to-the-second website traffic reports, charge your device while commuting, and access your an individual music library. The system offers easy touchscreen accessibility to all contents on your phone ideal through the infotainment center. Likewise, plugging a smartphone or tablet computer into a compatible computer monitor have the right to turn your device into a workstation, one you have the right to pair through a Bluetooth keyboard or computer mouse to produce a (semi) work mini-office.