Have girlfriend heard of world putting ice in their milk ? together weird together it might sound to part people, it could be the ideal thing ever before for others.

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There’s this metropolitan legend that people started putting ice cubes in milk ago in the 30s, when fridges weren’t the most common and milk had actually to be drunk the same day it to be delivered.

We’re no really buying the one, but hey friend never recognize ! Still, is placing ice in milk also a great idea ? Is that a negative idea ? Let’s controversy the pros and cons, possibly we’ll come up v an answer.


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Milk through ice cubesWays to save your glass of milk cold

Milk through ice cubes

Milk with ice cubes seems to it is in a very an individual choice. If some world say that helps keep the ilk cold, some say it waters that down also much. In a means both teams are right, but we all have to pick a next eventually.

So let’s watch the pros and cons of every side, and pick ours own.


Adding some ice cubes to a glass of milk will store its temperature really low. The milk is cold, the ice cream is cold, and cold milk simply tastes good for so plenty of people.

The ice cream won’t have time come melt because you’re drinking the milk much faster than that.

Some speak it goes great with a warm cooking, since of the contract in temperature.


When you include ice cubes come a glass the milk girlfriend water the down. As the ice cream melts (and it will certainly melt), the extra water will thin down the milk.

Aside form this, some things simply seem ‘wrong’. Prefer steak v ketchup or petting a cat backwards, milk with ice simply seems wrong.

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So is it poor or no ?

Personally us think adding ice to milk is a negative idea, because it will at some point water under the milk. Aside from that, there are numerous other points you have the right to do to keep your milk cold, beside from including ice.

Now, if her opinion is that ice in milk is the ideal thing ever, you’re going to disagree through us and also that’s okay. Even so, we’d choose to present a couple of alternatives to utilizing actual ice.

Ways to keep your glass that milk cold

There’s a few things you can do to store your glass of milk perfect cold. Granted, they might not be together satisfying as hearing ice cubes smack versus the glass.

But they’re perfect viable and practical methods to keep anything cool, really.

Use an insulated, dual walled glass

One that the fist points you deserve to do is obtain yourself at the very least one twin walled, insulated glass. The doesn’t need to be a travel mug, it have the right to be just one the those quite looking glasses the seem extra thick.

That gift said, if you desire to use a take trip mug because it fits an ext milk climate you perform you.

The whole allude of a dual walled, insulated anything is maintaining the exterior temperature far from the within one. The ‘air’ between the twin walls is in reality a vacuum, and it won’t transport heat.

The only way your milk will heat is through the top component that’s exposed come the air.

Keep hefty glass mugs in the fridge

A heavy glass mug may be much easier to get a hold of, due to the fact that you might currently own one. The doesn’t look prefer something you’d drink milk out of, but it’s absolutely going to keep the milk cold.

A thick wall surface of glass will keep cold for longer than a slim one. If you know you’re in love v milk, drink that often and in big amounts, and absolutely need it cool, making use of a thick mugs might be a better idea 보다 ice.

You can also keep the mugs in the freezer if you want to have the coldest milk possible.

Drink smaller servings, faster

Another idea would certainly be to simply drink smaller sized servings that milk, however faster. Even if it method refills, getting fresh milk each time may just be worth the effort.

And seeing as they’re smaller sized servings, castle won’t have actually time to heat up enough.

Never freeze milk, it will curdle

You can be wondering if that wouldn’t just be much easier to freeze some milk right into an ice cream tray and also use those as ice cubes. Well, in a way you could. The milk would freeze and when it thawed in the new milk there’d it is in no water.

But there’s a large problem. Milk curdles as soon as frozen and thawed. Girlfriend see, milk is mainly water, then protein and fats and also a wee little bit of salt. As soon as you freeze milk you kind ice crystals the end of every the water.

The fat and also protein separate into grains, and also when you that the totality thing you’ll obtain whey and also grains the protein and also fat.

You’ll check out here and also there the milk deserve to be frozen, thawed, and also hen used. But that’s never for drinking, it’s for food preparation or do cheese whereby you’re messing v the milk’s texture anyway.

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